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November 4, 2010

Beware of Career Politicians!

Washington seems to be irrevocably broken. We no longer have politicians who leave their communities from Alabama to Wisconsin and go to work in Washington on issues that will benefit their constituents. Once elected by their home town and state, politicians go to Washington armed with personal agendas and to do lists. That’s why D.C. is currently filled with Republicrats and the Class of 2010 will introduce Teapublicrats into Washington’s political structure. If a politician goes to Washington and dares to try to change the corrupt, crooked, fraudulent practices s/he will be labeled as ‘Public Enemy Number One’ and everything they try to work on — no matter how good for America — will be blocked. Saying that our government is a social order of elite cliques is an understatement.

Washington is FILLED with career politicians who are only interested in getting rich and re-elected. I am not being scornful nor am I mocking people who are civic minded. It is just difficult to explain why anyone would spend $150 MILLION dollars on a campaign to get a job that pays $180,000 a year. What could cause such a reckless financial decision? Could it be the personal benefits: the kickbacks, salary for life, unbelievable insurance and the ability to vote for a raise for yourself?

Washington is damaged and only American voters can change it. We have to put a stop to this madness that works against us. The only people who seem to benefit from the Washington political system are the corrupt Washington fat cats. We need term limits: two 2 year terms. Politicians should campaign the way they intend to govern and govern like they campaigned. Politicians should go to Washington, focus on what they campaigned to do to benefit their community and then leave D.C. when they’ve done their job. We need to stop politicians’ ‘special benefits’. Politicians should receive Social Security and Medicare just like everyone else. There should be a five dollar limit on campaign contributions and only from individual American citizens. We need our elected officials to be civic minded public servants instead of special interest directed career politicians.

We also need to be independent thinkers. That’s the only way Americans are going to benefit from our political system. Do not let either political party control your mind. Do not hate a candidate only because he is a Democrat. Do not hate a candidate only because she is a Republican. Do not trust a candidate just because she is a Democrat. Do not trust a candidate just because he is a Republican. If you do, you will forever be their puppet without benefits.

Yesterday Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said that he will not work with President Obama on Programs that will benefit Democrats and Republicans alike. He said that his goal is to get a Republican in as President in 2012. Excuse me, but how does this help Americans get jobs, and loans, and homes and cars? He doesn’t care about how his decision will create consequences for you and me. Plotting the next election only benefits his personal agenda. McConnell is the Senate minority leader with an obligation to govern for Americans in a manner that transcends his own partisan goals.

It seems that given the choice of supporting something that was good for the country, but would also benefit Barack Obama politically, McConnell would screw over Americans. He is willing to do what’s beneficial for his personal political agenda; and not necessarily good for us Americans.

Our Teapublicrats MUST work together in the next two years so that America can get out of the ditch she’s in. If these politicians do not work together we will all suffer tremendously.

If the economy does not improve soon, more businesses will lay off more employees. Those of us with jobs could lose our jobs. If we lose our jobs we can’t buy anything or support our local businesses. If we don’t support our local businesses they will go out of business. If they go out of business there will be less taxes coming into our communities. If there are less taxes flowing into our community our Mayors will have to cut services in our communities and the downward spiral will continue until we are ALL affected. This can turn into a living nightmare for all of us. We have to work together as Americans and make it clear to individual politicians we elected that they must work for us, that getting America back on its financial feet is goal number one.

Our politicians are living THEIR American dream. We have to convince them to work for us: for you and me so that we can live our American dream.

We have to let them know that we will not tolerate 2 years of dysfunction that leads to more suffering for us while they sit on their behinds and get paid. We have to remind them that we the voters have the power to stop their dreams. We have to demand that they work together to create jobs and do what’s best for ALL of us.

Empower yourself. Force politicians to do the work you sent them to do in Washington. Contact your elected officials: tweet, email, call or write your Senator, U.S. Representative, Governor and Legislators and insist that they work together and do what’s right for America.

Contact your elected officials: http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml


October 16, 2010

Vote 2010: United We Stand; Divided We ALL Fall!

When you are the leader in anything (even on Dancing with the Stars!) there is only one way to go – down.  And there are always many happily waiting to take you top spot.  America is the world leader and there are many ‘vultures’ who want us to slip so that they can be the world leader – number one.  As the lyricist Des’ree said, “You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold, you gotta be wiser, you gotta be hard, you gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger, you gotta be calm and you gotta stay together!”

America – we MUST stay together.  We MUST unite or divided we will all fall.  The rest of the world is uniting against us. Wake up! Unite!!! Did you hear or read the news report on Thursday that Russia is helping to build a nuclear power station?!  Read the following articles for details:



Most Americans want what’s good for America – we just have different ways we believe we should go about making America successful.  What we seem to forget is that there are more than one way to skin a cat, a deer or a gator.

If we continue to fight amongst ourselves as we are doing now, NONE of us will benefit.  Right now we are like a nation at a four way traffic intersection and we all moved at the same time. We are all in the middle of the intersection and no one wants to back up so we are all stuck. And everyone behind us is stuck and we’re backed up for miles without a solution in sight.

The top 10% of America has 90% of our wealth.  That 10% is receiving tax breaks from our government so that they will create good jobs in America and put us back to work.  But that’s not what they are doing.  They are taking the tax breaks and shipping tens of thousands of good paying jobs overseas.  This means that the top 10% are getting our tax monies from the government and they are getting more money by shipping our jobs abroad and saving millions. Why do the 10% wealthiest get to have their billion dollar cake and eat it too?  Why aren’t we screaming at them?

We have to look at who the real culprits are and rebel against THEM.  President Obama is giving these big businesses the tools they need to hire Americans.  These businesses have accepted the tools but they refuse to use it to help the middle class Americans they are suppose to help.  They are lining their pockets and sitting on their money eggs while we lose our jobs. 

America we have to unite against big business and we have to unite as a country before we drop from number one to number three or four.

We have to be smart citizen politicians.  We have to make decisions that help us; not the 10%.  We have to realize that the only way to rebuild America is for all of us to work together and get America out of the hole we’re in.  When we’re out of the hole we can debate our doctrines and personal preferences.

If we do not remain united, foreign powers will have a real opportunity to slip in and take bits and pieces of our country and businesses until they own America. Is that what we want to happen?

We can only point the fingers at ourselves if this great country collapses. 

This is not the time to snicker, bicker and point fingers.  Know is the time to set America right so we can continue to live in this great country as Americans and not become foreigners in our country.

So, what are you going to do?  Are you going to vote and unite America on November 2, 2010 and continue the work already started so we can all get jobs again?  Or are you going to vote to further divide the country and we will all fall?

United we stand. Divided we fall.

What are you going to do?

If America fails, which country do you want to rule America?  Which new language do you want to have to learn to speak?  Chinese, Russian, French?

United we stand. Divided we fall.

What are you going to do?

Peace, Love and Understanding!

June 14, 2008

Democrats Be Warned – Voting Problems Have Already Started!

Fellow democrats, if you have been registered to vote for years or if you recently registered to vote PLEASE request a NEW VOTER I.D. CARD so that you know that you are in the recent computer system printouts and the correct polling location.  If you don’t have a CURRENT VOTER I.D. Card you might be prevented from voting on November 4.  There will be LOTS and LOTS of ‘trickery’ in November.   Plan ahead.

In the past voting was very simple. Now there are new rules that make it harder to vote. In many states you need to show a government picture ID to vote. You will need to bring a picture ID just in case.  Make sure the name on your Voter I.D. card MATCHES your government I.D. that you’ll present at the polling station. 

You can be turned away from the polls if your name does not match exactly.  i.e., if your Voter ID card says Jane Marie Doe; your government ID says Jane Doe. A poll worker can use their discretion and prevent you from voting.  It will be THAT ridiculousness and THAT much trickery in November.  Now is the time to make sure your ducks are in a row — Cross your T’s and dot your I’s.

Read the article below from Shalia Dewan that details that the Secretary of State in Louisiana, a republican (just like the situation in Florida in 2000) is using her discretion to reject voter registration applications – some reasons are valid, some are not.

If you are not registered to vote you can register over-the-phone or on-line.  If you do not receive your voter ID card within 6 weeks, do it again!  No matter if you registered years ago and have not moved, make sure you have a Voter ID Card in your ‘hands’ when you go to vote on November 4.  It takes LESS than 5 minutes to register or re-order a new card.

Register by phone:  1-866-MYVOTE1 ( 1-866-698-6831 )

 Register on-line:  http://www.rockthevote.com/rtv_register.html?ms=googlevr7&gclid=CJeQpor79JMCFQKcFQodB3kUWQ

Read Shalia’s article:



June 10, 2008

John McCain: Not Your Father’s Maverick! (Please Pass On)

John McCain is a complete contradiction of himself. His inconsistencies on issues and policies are frightening.  He supports something one day and then he’s against that same thing the next day.   John McCain is deceitful.  John McCain is not trustworthy.  Which John McCain are we suppose to believe? 

Another thing that really, really bothers me is that the United States of America has a ‘war plan’ that travels with the president, the commander-in-chief, wherever he goes.  The ‘war plan’ is kept in a suitcase and is also known as the nuclear football.   The suitcase contains several ‘options’ that would be used if the need arises for a ‘massive retaliation’.  These options are called the ‘major attack options’ – there are four of them.  Would you want fickle-minded John McCain to select MAO Four – Major Attack Option Number Four if he became befuddled?  If our President chooses this option, it would unleash at least 2,300 nuclear weapons immediately.  This option would flatten ANY area in the world and would cause radiation devastation for centuries.  That’s an option in the nuclear football – the suitcase at the disposal of the President.  I would NOT want John McCain to have access to this type of arsenal.  Would you want erratic John McCain to have exclusive access to America’s nuclear weapons?

Just today in Richmond, VA, McCain said that his campaign was using ‘Google’ to help vet his Vice Presidential candidates – OMG, this is NOT even funny.  Would you want this imprudent man to be the President of the United States?

As a woman I cannot support anyone who wants to take away my right to choose.  I may not have to choose, but I want the right to choose.  McCain said unequivocally and unashamedly that he does NOT support Roe vs.  Wade.

I found the following list of “10 Things You Should Know About John McCain” at http://pol.moveon.org/mccain10/email.html.

 The list is straight forward, accurate and highlights that McCain is either a man full of significant uncertainties or he is a man that is obviously confused.



June 5, 2008

The Democratic Primaries Are Over — Where Is Al Gore?

  “Where is Al Gore?”  That’s what I want to know.

In preceding months we always heard that Mr. Gore didn’t want to influence the process so he would wait until most of the superdelegates showed their hand before he showed his.  The superdelegates have shown their cards.  “Where is Al Gore?”

I know he and Obama like each other, as a matter of fact they use to speak to each other often.  At a town-hall meeting in Pennsylvania in early April Obama was asked if he would tap the former vice president for his Cabinet to handle global warming.

“I would,” Obama said. “Not only will I, but I will make a commitment that Al Gore will be at the table and play a central part in us figuring out how we solve this problem. He’s somebody I talk to on a regular basis. I’m already consulting with him in terms of these issues, but climate change is real. It is something we have to deal with now, not 10 years from now, not 20 years from now.”

Gore was the most coveted endorsement for Obama and Clinton during the competition.  The competition is over.  “Where is Al Gore?”

I don’t have any answers, just the question, “Where is Al Gore?”



Obama: Everybody Needs To Settle Down About VP Choice

Barack Obama said Thursday he’s in no rush to pick a vice presidential candidate, telling CNN “everybody needs to settle down” and let the vetting process run its course.

Watch Obama discuss his VP selection process.

Speaking with CNN’s Candy Crowley Thursday, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said it’s not in his best interest — or in the interest of his former rival Hillary Clinton — to make a hasty decision about who will serve as his running mate.

“Everybody needs to settle down, we just completed this arduous process,” Obama told CNN’s Candy Crowley. “It’s only been two days, and I think its not just in my interest and Senator Clinton’s interest, but in the Democratic Party’s interest and the country’s interest, to make sure I make this decision well.”


Team Clinton: Out of Touch

After Senator Clinton was pressured by her New York supporters to suspend her campaign and after another flood of superdelegates announced that they would support Obama, it was shocking to me that Hillary’s team said that they had no idea that Hillary was losing her support with superdelegates in Washington.  How can that be?  How could they not realize that the superdelegates had broken up with Hillary, moved their personal items out the house and was already living with their new boo Obama?

I am stunned that the Clinton insiders were so out-of-touch with Washington insiders!  What was former advisors Mark Penn and Patti Solis doing?  What has Terry McAuliffe, Maggie Williams and the rest of the Clinton team been doing since Penn and Solis left the campaign?  That is one of their MAIN jobs — to keep in touch with insiders!  After getting some rest and looking back at her campaign, Hillary is going to be shocked at some of the decisions that were made for her and by her.

I have heard McAuliffe say several times during the course of several months that they’ve been working the phones and talking to superdelegates just about every day.  Hillary’s team seems to be either out-of-touch with what was going on around them or they were hearing only what they wanted to hear.  Her team is comprised of Washington insiders; it seems like Terry McAuliffe and Maggie Williams and the like aren’t Washington insiders anymore otherwise they would have known that consensus was for Obama and they would have planned accordingly.

I was surprised when I heard Rep. Charlie Rangel of New York, the person who convinced Mrs. Clinton to run to be the Junior Senator for New York; the man who personally became her advocate, took her under his wings and rallied all the political top brass from New York to support her as Senator and then as the democratic nominee say it’s time for Hillary to step down so the New York delegation could endorse Obama. 


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