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October 29, 2008

Wed., 10/29: Special Message From Bill and Hillary Clinton

 Hillary and I have recorded a special message just for you. I hope you will watch it and then share with your friends, neighbors, and everyone you know. What we all do together in the next six days can make all the difference. Every vote counts!


Bill Clinton

EVERY vote in EVERY state counts!

YOUR vote counts!

Vote NOW or on November 4!

June 27, 2008

Obamas’ $4600 Debt Relief Check To Clinton – Why So Much Political High Drama?

June 23, 2008

Senators Clinton and Obama Will Unite In Unity, NH

  Obama is whispering to Hillary, “Let us kick some republican azz!” And do you see her smiling?  She agrees with him!

How poetic is this?  According to the Obama campaign, Senators Clinton and Obama will travel to Unity, New Hampshire — a small town on the state’s western border where both candidates received exactly 107 votes in the January primary.

The joint rally is the first time the two candidates will appear together in public since Obama clinched the nomination. By embracing Obama, Clinton is signaling to her backers that she is with him and supports him and so should they.

It is also a way to stave off media speculation about tension between the two camps, fed for instance by Obama’s recent hiring of an exiled former Clinton aide to assist his eventual vice-presidential pick.

“She is deeply committed to the task of helping him bring her people back in,” said Matt Bennett, a veteran Democratic strategist and co-founder of Third Way, a moderate Democratic organization. “She thinks all this talk about Clinton ‘refuseniks’ is idiotic and she understands the difference between McCain and Obama is massive.”

Is this symbolism or what?



June 20, 2008

Campaign Trail: Clinton and Obama To Campaign Together Next Friday

Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton will campaign together next Friday, June 27, a step towards unifying the Democratic Party after the primaries.

Senator Obama’s campaign said last night in a brief email that he and Senator Clinton would campaign together for the first time next Friday.

They also plan to meet in Washington on Thursday with some of Senator Clinton’s contributors in an effort to soothe Clinton donors.

The short email gave no specifics but said more details would be forthcoming.


June 17, 2008

Senators Clinton and Obama: Reuniting. Will It Feel Good?

  Senators Clinton and Obama will meet next Thursday, June 26 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. This is their first public meeting since Senator Clinton suspended her campaign. The Senator just returned from vacation this past weekend.

The meeting was announced today via an email from Jonathan Mantz, Senator Clinton’s National Finance Director. 

“As we move forward, we invite you to join us for a National Finance Committee meeting with both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on Thursday, June 26th in Washington, D.C., to discuss how we can work together to support Barack Obama and the Democratic Party,” … “Hillary ran for President because she wants to put this country on the right track.” …”She continues to fight and stand strong for our values and priorities and will do everything she can to unify the party and to elect Barack Obama the next President of the United States.”

The joint meeting will be an introduction to some of Clinton’s top donors in anticipation of them fundraising and donating to the Democratic Party and to the Obama general election.




June 7, 2008

Senator Clinton Suspends and Passes The Democratic Race Baton To Senator Obama

  Running a relay race is not always easy to do. Relay teams are usually made up of the best athletes on the team, and as such, are very selective. There is also an aspect to the relay race that is not involved in the other races: the baton. In a relay, you must ensure that you always maintain possession of the baton, and when it comes time to pass it, you must make sure it gets to the other runner without dropping it. Dropping the baton can inevitably cause the team to lose.

Today, Senator Hillary Clinton successfully passed the baton to Senator Obama without dropping it.  She said passionately, “We need to do all we can to help elect Barack Obama.”  “Please work as hard for Barack Obama as you did for me.”  “Today I am standing with Senator Obama to say, Yes we can!”  Senator Clinton repeated the refrain, “We must help elect Barack Obama our President!” three times.


June 5, 2008

Team Clinton: Out of Touch

After Senator Clinton was pressured by her New York supporters to suspend her campaign and after another flood of superdelegates announced that they would support Obama, it was shocking to me that Hillary’s team said that they had no idea that Hillary was losing her support with superdelegates in Washington.  How can that be?  How could they not realize that the superdelegates had broken up with Hillary, moved their personal items out the house and was already living with their new boo Obama?

I am stunned that the Clinton insiders were so out-of-touch with Washington insiders!  What was former advisors Mark Penn and Patti Solis doing?  What has Terry McAuliffe, Maggie Williams and the rest of the Clinton team been doing since Penn and Solis left the campaign?  That is one of their MAIN jobs — to keep in touch with insiders!  After getting some rest and looking back at her campaign, Hillary is going to be shocked at some of the decisions that were made for her and by her.

I have heard McAuliffe say several times during the course of several months that they’ve been working the phones and talking to superdelegates just about every day.  Hillary’s team seems to be either out-of-touch with what was going on around them or they were hearing only what they wanted to hear.  Her team is comprised of Washington insiders; it seems like Terry McAuliffe and Maggie Williams and the like aren’t Washington insiders anymore otherwise they would have known that consensus was for Obama and they would have planned accordingly.

I was surprised when I heard Rep. Charlie Rangel of New York, the person who convinced Mrs. Clinton to run to be the Junior Senator for New York; the man who personally became her advocate, took her under his wings and rallied all the political top brass from New York to support her as Senator and then as the democratic nominee say it’s time for Hillary to step down so the New York delegation could endorse Obama. 


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