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October 31, 2008

Obama Halloween Pictures – Happy Halloween!!!

 Obama selecting Halloween pumpkins

Perfect, I like these two

Marvin Nicholson throws pumkin to Reggie Love

Does Reggie catch the pumpkin?

I guess Reggie caught the pumpkin!

Obama takes home the pumpkin!

Obama and Sasha go trick-or-treating!

Neighborhood children trick-or-treat with Obama

Someone even came as Obama!


Al Gore REMINDER: “Go Vote EARLY! Every Vote Counts”

“Take it from me,” Gore said. “Elections matter.

Every vote matters.”

Every state counts.  Every vote counts. 

Just in case Democrats needed a reminder of the importance of EVERY VOTE, 2000 Florida “Butterfly Ballot and Chad” victim Al Gore returned to Palm Beach County today to urge Barack Obama supporters to free themselves of the voting demons that plagued Democrats eight years ago.

“Right now we are in the final days of this historic campaign. Don’t let anyone take your vote away from you or talk you into throwing it away. Go and vote early,” Gore told a crowd at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

On November 27, 2000 Republican Secretary of State Katherine Harris officially certified George W. Bush as the “winner” in Florida by 537 votes.

Since that date, independent investigations by the media have revealed that many illegal votes were counted while many legal votes were not counted.

If the votes in Florida had been counted by non-partisan election officials in compliance with the law, Gore would have won Florida.

Unfortunately, George W. Bush, his brother Governor Jeb Bush, Secretary of State Katherine Harris, a partisan Republican majority on the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Republican-owned media did everything in their power to prevent a fair and legal count of the votes.

In other words, the Republicans used their enormous power to steal the Presidency of the United States. After several recounts George W. Bush was selected by the Supreme Court by a vote of 5-4 to be president of the United States.  




Vote NOW!


Obama/Biden 08!


October 30, 2008

New Ads – Obama: “Let’s Get To Work!!!”

Let’s put the republicans in our

rearview mirrors!


Every state counts!  Every vote counts! 

YOUR vote matters!

Get out and vote NOW!

October 29, 2008

Obama’s Infomercial – Well Worth Watching!


Excellent information and specifics.  Every voter should watch this!

Sneak Peak Tonight’s Infomercial – “Barack Obama: American Stories”


Tonight CBS, NBC, Fox, TV One, BET and Univision will broadcast  “Barack Obama: American Stories” .

The half-hour infomercial begins at 8:00 p.m. EST and will be a closing argument of Obama’s election campaign. At times Obama will speak directly into the camera about his 20-month campaign; at other times he will highlight everyday voters, their everyday troubles, and how he plans to address them.

Obama will hold a rally in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida  tonight at 7:30pm, he will appear on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” at 11:00p.m. EST on Comedy Central (pre-taped) and then he is ending the evening with a rally at 11p.m. in Kissimmee, Florida -15 minutes from Orlando – with former President Bill Clinton.

Every state counts. Every vote counts. 

YOUR vote matters!

Vote Now or November 4!

Wed., 10/29: Special Message From Bill and Hillary Clinton

 Hillary and I have recorded a special message just for you. I hope you will watch it and then share with your friends, neighbors, and everyone you know. What we all do together in the next six days can make all the difference. Every vote counts!


Bill Clinton

EVERY vote in EVERY state counts!

YOUR vote counts!

Vote NOW or on November 4!

October 28, 2008

Voters In Clayton County, Georgia Wait On-Line For 12 Hours To Vote!

  We have to give respect and kudos to the people in Clayton County, Jonesboro, Georgia – close to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

  While the polls officially closed at 7 p.m. Monday night the line to vote at the Frank Bailey Senior Center in Riverdale didn’t clear up until 1 a.m. Tuesday morning.   

Advance voting began in Georgia Monday — and the first day proved to be a long one for many voters.


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