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  On ‘Mad Mondays’ we will talk about people, situations or things that make you mad, annoyed or irritated!


Glenn Beck is losing it!  Stephen does a GREAT rubber pants funny parody.  Watch Doom Bunker by Colbert:

 Pathological Cheapness pisses me off.  Whether it’s coming from a spouse, significant other, friend or boss!  Here is one example:

Dear Prudence,
I am dating a good, kind man who treats me well, but one small issue has come up. We typically split the check when we go out to dinner (at his suggestion, but this is fine with me), although occasionally he will pay (once every four weeks, say). However we have fallen into a habit where he visits me at home two or three nights per week, and I cook nice dinners and serve beer, wine, chocolates, etc. I enjoy being generous with my loved ones, and it normally wouldn’t cross my mind to expect anything in return. However, this weekend brought the inequity of the situation to my attention, as I made a lovely dinner and we drank a couple of bottles of wine. This probably cost me about $70 to $80. When we went out to lunch the next day, the bill was $42, and he said, “I’ll put in $20.” I certainly don’t mind paying my share, but I’ve realized it is probably cheaper for me to go out, as I pay for both of us at home! He is employed, and I am a stay-at-home single parent, so this can’t really go on. How can I raise this issue without being critical or demanding?


 Dear Stiffed,
I had a good, kind, successful boyfriend just like yours. We always split the check (even when he ordered a bottle of wine, I had a single glass, and he polished off the rest). He did treat me to a well-reviewed restaurant for my birthday, but when he saw the prices on the menu, he declined to order dinner and spent the whole evening with his fork poised over my food, begging for a bite. Pathological cheapness can be intractable, and you have to decide if it’s going to be a deal-breaker for you. But before you get angrier and angrier at this “small issue,” you need to bring it up with him. Explain that you’re on a tight budget and that, while you love to cook nice meals for him in your home, between that and meals out where you pick up at least half the check, you’re going broke. You can say you recognize he is cheap—ah, I mean frugal—but you need more equity in your spending. Don’t allow him to establish a running tab on your expenditures so he can show that things are even—another gambit of the tightwad. Explain that a calculator kills the sense of generosity with each other that’s needed in a healthy relationship.



With all the respect due to a President of the United States, I have to say, George W. Bush is a moron and irritates me to no end with his absurdities.

Bush was inaugurated on January 20, 2001.  Four months later on May 21, 2001, Yale University, the school he attended in the 1960s as an undergrad, decided to give him an honorary doctorate.  He was required to give a brief acceptance speech. 

“To those of you who received honors, awards, and distinctions, I say, well done,” said Bush, early in remarks that turned scattered boos into laughs. “To all the C students, I say: You too can be President of the United States.”   

This was a sign of things to come.

One of the best ways to judge a President is to ask, did he solve more problems than he created?  Bush in eight years has managed to decimate the infrastructure and image of America. 

1.     Fiscal disaster: Bush’s tax cuts and spending increases has turned a $236 billion federal surplus in fiscal 2000 into a deficit of more than $8 TRILLION in 2008 (Whoa!)

 2.     Iraq disaster: The invasion was a mistake.  The failures to properly evaluate prewar intelligence and properly manage the postwar occupation are colossal mistakes.  Being too arrogant to learn and understand the culture of Iraq before invading was a mistake.  Everything Bush did pertaining to this $3 Trillion a week war is a mistake!


 3.     International diplomatic disaster. The Iraq war fueled a precipitous decline in America’s image abroad, and Bush’s pugnacious style during his first term and his refusal to listen to foreign opinion made a bad situation worse; the international community now views America with opprobrium. This is more than just a public-relations problem. National prestige is diplomatic capital; the more unpopular America becomes, the higher the price of vital foreign support and we don’t have a lot of diplomatic capital.

History judges good presidents by what they do, and bad ones by how long it takes to clean up the mess they made. How long will it take to clean up Bush’s disasters?

In addition to the damage “W” has done, he will leave behind a slew of footage of him dancing or simply talking that makes him look like a ‘court jester’ or ‘village idiot’.  Here is a link to one of his most recent buffoonish episodes as he tries to explain his ‘beehive’ theory to Richard Engel of NBC:


Driving While Living In Florida

I live in Florida, yup – the retirement capital of America. Don’t get me wrong, there are more young folk in Florida than old.  But let me tell you, the ‘winter birds’ make their presence know – especially on the roads. 

The other day I was driving to work.  The route I take has three lanes.  It’s rush hour and traffic is s-l-o-w!  The speed limit is 45mph; so I and other responsible citizens usually drive at 60mph.  I looked at my speed-o-meter and realized that I was driving at 35mph, and thought  – OMG, what the heck is going on!  So I carefully started to drive around cars, one-by-one just trying to get ahead of the traffic. 

I looked ahead and saw this amazingly beautiful 2-door convertible Mercedes Benz SLR; it was sleek, sexy, and smooth as silk.  It was about ten cars ahead of me, I started to drool.  I wiped my mouth and painstakingly inched closer through the crawling traffic.  Then I saw a powerful Cadillac CTS; this could be Superman’s car, it shouted, I am ‘strong and mighty’ don’t mess with me.  So I continued to inch closer to the Mercedes and Cadillac figuring those two speedsters must be ahead of the traffic.  When I was about 4 cars behind the Mercedes I spied a Hummer 2 that was chromed out and full of car bling!  The sheen from the all the chrome was so bright it almost blinded me in the morning sun.  I had missed the huge Hummer when I was 10 cars back because a truck was behind it and blocked its huge presence.

By now I was behind the Mercedes SLR and my drool dried up as I realized that these three magnificent road warriors were pretty much driving side-by-side in each of the three lanes and they weren’t ahead of the traffic, they WERE the traffic!  Now I’m irritated and started honking my horn New York style trying to get at least ONE of these superior vehicles to at least go 45mph so I could dart around a get ahead of their traffic jam!  After about 30 seconds of intermittently honking the Mercedes finally took my ‘hint’ and moved ahead of the other two cars so I was able to pull in front of the Cadillac and get ahead of the traffic.  As I passed all three vehicles I almost cricked my neck as I stared to see who the hell had been so damn inconsiderate to block all three lanes of traffic!  As mad as I was, I started to hysterically laugh!  All three ruggedly handsome manly cars were being driven by withered winter birds – old azz men who had to be at LEAST 75 damn years old!  It probably takes the old geezer in the Hummer half-hour to climb down out of the truck and it probably takes the old sire in the Mercedes SLR 45 minutes to straighten up after crawling out of the low sports car! 

So here I am, in one of the sexiest cities in the country and I constantly find myself trapped behind elderly men who are driving cars I dream about at 35mph.

But my fury gives me pause because I start thinking that maybe I won’t be able to afford my dream car until I’m 75!  And at 75 some drop dead gorgeous 40 year old man is going to be trapped behind me in traffic as I s-l-o-w-l-y  ‘fly’ my Aston Martin DBS (and our cars WILL be flying by the time I’m 75!).  What irony!




If you are ‘pissed off’ at work, watch this video and imagine that it’s you doing this at work.  It’ll make you feel better…seriously!



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  1. Wow … lots to digest here.

    1) Good advice to Pru regarding the Mr. Frugal.

    2) I’ve tried not to waste my time and space ranting on the past administration … at least he did well at leaving a mess!

    3) Great job on the driving story … heck, he can all related … but unlike you, we (in the north) don’t get the effects of being a winter retreat.

    Well done!

    Comment by afrankangle — February 5, 2009 @ 4:12 pm | Reply

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