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June 5, 2008

Team Clinton: Out of Touch

After Senator Clinton was pressured by her New York supporters to suspend her campaign and after another flood of superdelegates announced that they would support Obama, it was shocking to me that Hillary’s team said that they had no idea that Hillary was losing her support with superdelegates in Washington.  How can that be?  How could they not realize that the superdelegates had broken up with Hillary, moved their personal items out the house and was already living with their new boo Obama?

I am stunned that the Clinton insiders were so out-of-touch with Washington insiders!  What was former advisors Mark Penn and Patti Solis doing?  What has Terry McAuliffe, Maggie Williams and the rest of the Clinton team been doing since Penn and Solis left the campaign?  That is one of their MAIN jobs — to keep in touch with insiders!  After getting some rest and looking back at her campaign, Hillary is going to be shocked at some of the decisions that were made for her and by her.

I have heard McAuliffe say several times during the course of several months that they’ve been working the phones and talking to superdelegates just about every day.  Hillary’s team seems to be either out-of-touch with what was going on around them or they were hearing only what they wanted to hear.  Her team is comprised of Washington insiders; it seems like Terry McAuliffe and Maggie Williams and the like aren’t Washington insiders anymore otherwise they would have known that consensus was for Obama and they would have planned accordingly.

I was surprised when I heard Rep. Charlie Rangel of New York, the person who convinced Mrs. Clinton to run to be the Junior Senator for New York; the man who personally became her advocate, took her under his wings and rallied all the political top brass from New York to support her as Senator and then as the democratic nominee say it’s time for Hillary to step down so the New York delegation could endorse Obama. 

I was SHOCKED when the reporter asked Rep. Rangel what Hillary’s plans were and he said to paraphrase, “I don’t know, I haven’t spoken with her in a while.”   What the heck?!  How can Hillary be in the fight of her life and not be in touch with her most devoted defender.  It seems that there was a major break down in communication within camp Clinton. 

But it makes sense because we were constantly hearing two different messages from the same camp just about every day.  Message number one, she’s staying in the race and fighting to Denver.  Message number two, she’s staying in the race because every vote in America counts, then she will exit gracefully.  Her campaign was pure pandemonium.  Her main message kept changing.  She was angry one day, happy the next.  She was nuke them Hillary one day and Mother Theresa Hillary the next.  Her campaign was chock-full of confusion and chaos from the beginning and that’s the way it ended.

Another thing that amazed me was that there was no end game plan.  Even if you have no intention of using it, there should be a planned end game strategy that can be executed if necessary.  In any competition, once the winner is announced it’s all about the winner.  The loser gets nothing except an honorary mention for having played a good game or for running an excellent race. 

That is why in competitive sports, the coach of the losing team takes their best player(s) or their franchise player out the game as late as 2, 3 or 4 minutes before the games ends so that the player, despite his team losing, will get a standing ovation and acknowledgement from the crowd.  Because once the game is over, it doesn’t matter what the losing team did, the focus is on the winner.  The losing team gets off the court or field. 

In the Miss America, Miss USA, Miss World or Miss Universe pageants, when the winner is named, the fist runner up is gently pulled to the side as Miss America walks down the runway with roses in hand.

When David Cook won American Idol the cameras quickly turned from David Archuleta, focused on David Cook and confetti rained on him.

No one is disrespecting Hillary Clinton, it’s just the way competitions end.  Someone steps back and the winner takes center stage to thunderous applause.



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