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December 14, 2008

Governors Gone Wild!


So what’s really up with some of our Governors? I’m making a list and checking it twice and have realized that in the past five years we’ve had an overabundance of distractions in Governor Mansions throughout the U.S.

Of course we have some really great Governors as well.

First and foremost we have Gangster Governor Rod Blagojevich – Chicago’s own Al Capone would be proud.  I don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said about Blagojevich this past week.  Gangster Blagojevich’s antics are way too rich and splendiferous to be called typical.  My personal belief is that he is egotistical to the point of stupid.  All eyes have been on President-elect Obama and Chicago these past several weeks so Blagoidiot made a decision to sell Obama’s vacant seat while he himself is being investigated by the FBI?  Insanity. Ludicrous. Stupid.

Today for the first time we hear from former Illinois Governor George Ryan, 74, who is seeking early release from a 6 ½ year prison sentence from President Bush. Ryan wrote a three page apologia where he tells the people of Illinois that “I want to make things right in my heart, with God, with my family and with those that I have hurt.”  Ryan, a Republican, was convicted of corruption in 2006 for a racketeering fraud scheme and is serving a 6½-year sentence.

Earlier this year we had New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s hookergate scandal that was filled with trysts with sexual fulfillment coordinator Kirsten that caused his quick exodus from office.  This is super ironic because Spitzer, who was perceived to be a ‘clean’ dedicated fraud-fighter was taken out of political play, most likely forever. Spitzer’s exit gave us New York’s first African-American Governor, David Paterson, who is legally blind and who has revealed that he has had a string of mistresses.  

In August 2004 we had New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey who emerged – docile, smiling with his Stepford wife in tow and rambled on about how he had tried to “fit into the mold of a traditional life” then continued by saying, “I am a gay American.”  There is nothing wrong with being a gay American, or gay Canadian or gay Italian or gay anything — I mean why resign for ‘coming out’ and admitting that you were having a consensual affair with another dude?

But that wasn’t the reason McGreevey resigned – what made this exceptionally juicy was that he was being sued by a man that worked in the Governor’s office who at the times was charging McGreevey with sexual harassment and blackmailing McGreevey.  This was a man that was made head of McGreevy’s security team after 9/11 even though he had no previous security experience.

Then in 1999 we had Governor James George Janos of Minnesota aka Jesse Ventura also known as “The Body”, “The Star” and “The Governing Body”.  Ventura is a retired professional wrestler, Navy UDT veteran, actor and former radio and television talk show host.  

He is also a former co-holder of the AWA World tag team title with Adrian Adonis and is a 2-time AWA Southern Heavyweight Champion.  “The Body” served from January 4, 1999 to January 6, 2003 and did not seek a second term.  No major scandal here, just a colorful selection by the great people of Minnesota.

In 2004 Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco – the first female Governor of Louisiana was elected.  In 2006 Hurricane Katrina – the most devastating hurricane to ever make landfall in the United States – stuck New Orleans and most of Louisiana.  Without maligning Blanco, I will simply say that she proved to be most inadequate and inept to be Governor and over two years later New Orleans is still suffering from her lack of knowledge and leadership skills.

During the latter part of the Presidential elections we had Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.  Palin can see Russia from her front porch and spent $175,000 on clothing and accessories in 8 weeks – approximately $20,000 each week!  Wow, what a simple, every day hockey mom she proved to be.

While Mayor, Palin spent $14.7 million to build the Wasilla Multi-Use Sports Complex on land that she didn’t have the right to build on (the land was owned by someone else).  $14.7 million was spent to build a huge gym for a town of 5,000 people — go figure.  The ‘sports-complex’ took Wasilla’s long-term debt from about $1 million to $25 million!  I won’t go into any detail about the plethora of controversy that surrounded Palin during her bid to become Vice President since I’m just making a list of characters.

My question is simple, what’s up with some of our Governors?  Stay tuned.




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  1. Your missing the point- Governors are politicians in training for higher positions where graft and corruption skills are more lucrative.

    Comment by sandysays1 — December 14, 2008 @ 6:36 pm | Reply

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