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October 2, 2008

Was THAT A Vice Presidential ‘Debate’?








 Palin came out swinging.  I have to give her credit for fighting for her party – she held her own.  But Palin didn’t debate, she came with talking points and we were going to hear them whether or not we asked her about them.  Forget the rules; she was going to get out her talking points come hell or high water!  Palin asked herself her own questions and answered her own questions – especially about energy, energy, energy, amazing!

 I believe that Palin had a personal victory since she did not implode and she did better that she has been for the past 3 weeks.  However, Biden won the debate because he spoke about polices, specifics and answered questions voters wanted to hear.

Palin’s entire performance was rhetorical and abstract and metaphoric – she had no specifics.  She never said what the policies of a McCain presidency would be nor did she say how McCain’s presidency would differ from Bush’s – not on the economy, on Iraq, on Afghanistan or on Foreign Policy – her responses were all abstract, not literal and figurative. Based on substance she didn’t help the McCain campaign and it was ’embarrassing’ that she didn’t know McCain’s record therefore she contradicted McCain on things like his same sex marriage policy.

Palin was folksy, energetic, cartoony, gimmicky and seemed to be ‘playing the role of a character’ as if she was in a play or movie.  She didn’t listen to questions; she just answered her own questions based on her talking points.

 What was of particular interest was when Palin said she would expand the role of the Vice Presidency by changing the constitution so that the vice president would have more legislative power – very curious indeed. Hmmm.

But is it still a debate if Palin didn’t answer the questions or follow the rules of debating?

P.S. I think Gwen Ifill did a great job. 





Obama/Biden 08!


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