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October 17, 2008

Pimping The First Dude Todd Palin For $15 Million

 It must be nice to be Sarah Palin.  The Associate Press requested copies of emails sent to and from Todd Palin to Alaskan officials.  Governor Palin quickly said yes to the request but added a stipulation – cough up $15 million dollars!

Governor Palin’s office said it would take up to six hours of a programmer’s time to assemble the e-mail of just a single state employee, then another two hours for “security” checks, and finally five hours to search the e-mail for whatever word or topic the requestor is seeking. At $73.87 an hour, that’s $960.31 for a single e-mail account. And there are 16,000 full-time state employees.

Governor Palin’s office told the AP that if they send a check for $15,364,960.00 Governor Palin will gladly hand over the First Dude’s emails that showed that his wife gave him access to Alaskan state business that he should not have had access to.

 In addition, the governor’s office says it can provide copies of the emails but AFTER November 4 and on paper only, not electronically. Why? Because lawyers need printouts so they can black out, or “redact,” private or exempted information. That task is more difficult because Palin and her senior staff have used government e-mail accounts for some personal correspondence, and personal e-mail accounts for much of their government correspondence. The photocopies of those printouts will be a relative bargain, only 10 cents a page. 

This is such predictable delay tactics.

Vote Obama/Biden 08!


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