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March 4, 2009

Rush Limbaugh PUNKS Michael Steele

Is Michael Steele (the man of steel) now the aluminum man?  Did the Republicans punk the RNC Chairman and elect him just to be their pawn to use as collateral at their will to make the public-at-large believe that the Republicans are ready for ‘change’?

Steele won the Republican National Committee chairmanship on the strength of his alluring rhetoric but his oratory got him in trouble.  He called radio personality Limbaugh “incendiary,” “ugly” and “an entertainer!” Aluminum also insisted that the radio personality is not the de facto leader of the Republican Party.

The entertainer took the statement that he was not the de facto leader of the elephants as a compliment, retorting on the air, “I would be embarrassed to say that I’m in charge of the Republican Party in the sad-sack state that it’s in.”

But the rest of Aluminum’s statement did not go over well with the radio personality. So the GOP’s new face did a quick about-face after the personality gave him a tongue lashing on air.  The punk of a GOP chairman sat around fretfully and as soon as the radio personality got off the air 51 minutes later Aluminum was on the phone APLOGIZING for being a very bad subject and licking the entertainer’s boots. That proves two things to me – Michael Steele has NO juice in the Republican Party and Limbaugh the entertainer is not the sad-sack party’s de facto leader, but its actual leader.

What is extremely interesting to me is that no Republicans have come to Steele’s defense – not even one.  They all seem to have developed a severe case of laryngitis or have become mutes — when it comes to Steele’s defense anyway.  Can you imagine, the Republicans elected Steele four weeks ago and they have already abandoned, discarded and forsaken him because of Limbaugh’s bark.

What will now happen to the outreach to ‘urban-suburban hip-hop settings’ via an ‘off the hook’ public relations campaign that Steele promised? 🙄

Steele’s comments:

Lambuagh’s response:

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February 5, 2009

Is Michael Steele The Republican Superman?

michael_steele The Republican Party’s selection of former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele as party chief is almost as historic as the Democrats’ nomination of Barack Obama as the party’s presidential candidate. President Obama attracted many independents and even a smidgen of Republicans into the Democratic Party and widened the Democrats’ membership and popularity – can Steele do the same for the GOP?

Can the man of steel pick up the demolished pieces of the Republican Party and put them together again like humpty dumpty to form a winning party?  

Steele is articulate – he’s a great orator, but can he pontificate the Republican doctrines in a populous way that will attract people other than white southern conservatives?  And being black, can he keep southern white conservatives in the party?

I have watched Steele on various television broadcasts over the years and he can be quite impressive.  He knows his facts, he is assertive and when attacked he counter-attacks with a punch.

And since he’s black, when he criticizes President Obama and his administration he can’t be called a racist.  He can be called other things but not a bigot.

There are a few ethereal similarities between Steele and Obama — they are attractive, charismatic, powerful, telegenic speakers. But unlike Mr. Obama, Steele is a divider and fighter; President Obama is a uniter and a peacemaker.

Since being elected party Chief Mr. Steele has reconfirmed his commitment to issues important to religious and social conservatives.  He has mentioned his support to make abortions illegal and has implied that he doesn’t believe in certain gay rights while declaring his support of guns and infusing our government with faith-based policies. But those are not new ideas; those are just the things that will continue to regionalize the Republican Party even further.

These are the concerns of the Bible belt, not the young, urbane professional or the multicultural blend that has become the new America. These ideas are like analog technology versus today’s digital.  These ideas are like using yesterday’s Betamax recorders versus today’s Blu-ray.

It seems to me that even though Steele ‘looks’ like a new fresh face that should have new ideas for the Republican Party he seems to be more of the same.  The same old Republican with the same old broken down outdated ideas that belong in yesteryear.

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