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July 5, 2008

2008 Election News: Is It Time To Boycott The ‘Media’?

    As much as I have always enjoyed the news, having 24-hour news coverage has created story overkill and endless repetition.  It has also watered down the trustworthiness, reliability and sincerity of the news being reported and the complete honesty of those reporting the news. 

I remember when I could turn the news on and hear unmodified facts and honest follow-up questions.  Those days are gone; done with. It is embarrassing to watch the media – journalists/reporters/correspondents/anchors/personalities as they insert ridiculous allegations, speculations and unconfirmed reports just to turn two minutes worth of news into a half an hour discussion or argument.  It is ridiculous.  If we can’t turn to the ‘news’ for ‘uncontaminated’ information – who do we turn to? 



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