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June 28, 2008

How The Internet Rumor That Claims Obama Is A Muslim Started

It is incredible that rumors that are complete fabrications and full of false information which can potentially ruin a person are read by some and then conveniently used as factual source material and is then republished without ANY research that substantiates that the  original information is true or correct therefore continuing and passing on the propaganda from person to person. Incredible.

The e-mail landed in Danielle Allen’s queue one winter morning as she was studying in her office at the Institute for Advanced Study, the renowned haven for some of the nation’s most brilliant minds. The missive began: “THIS DEFINITELY WARRANTS LOOKING INTO.”

Laid out before Allen, a razor-sharp, 36-year-old political theorist, was what purported to be a biographical sketch of Barack Obama that has become one of the most effective — and baseless — Internet attacks of the 2008 presidential season. The anonymous chain e-mail makes the false claim that Obama is concealing a radical Islamic background. By the time it reached Allen on Jan. 11, 2008, it had spread with viral efficiency for more than a year.

During that time, polls show the number of voters who mistakenly believe Obama is a Muslim rose — from 8 percent to 13 percent between November 2007 and March 2008. And some cited this religious mis-affiliation when explaining their primary votes against him.

As the general-election campaign against Sen. John McCain has gotten underway, Obama’s aides have made the smears a top target. They recently launched FightTheSmears.com to “aggressively push back with the truth,” said Obama campaign spokesman Tommy Vietor, and go viral with it. The Web site urges supporters to upload their address books and send e-mails to all of their friends. ”

But long before this, Allen had been obsessing about the origins of her e-mail at the institute, which is most famous for having been the research home of Albert Einstein. Allen studies the way voters in a democracy gather their information and act on what they learn. She was familiar, of course, with the false rumors of a secret love child that helped sink McCain’s White House bid in 2000, and the Swift boat attacks that did the same to Democrat John Kerry in 2004. But the Obama e-mail was on another plane: The use of the Internet made it possible to launch anonymous attacks that could reach millions of voters in weeks or even days.

As an Obama supporter — she had met the senator while she worked as a dean at the University of Chicago — it made her angry. And curious.

“I started thinking, ‘How does one stop it?’ ”


June 14, 2008

Video: McCain Is Nobody’s Diplomat

I disagree with what the majority of the American people want.”  says John McCain defiantly.

His attitude is he doesn’t care what people think, he will do what he wants and he doesn’t care who knows it – he has the same attitude and mind-set as George W. Bush.

John McCain proves to be an arrogant, rude, overly ambitious warmonger. He has war on his mind and that’s driving all his decisions.  Even conservative Pat Buchanan says that he is nervous because McCain is worst than Cheney when it comes to desiring war. 

McCain even admits that sheer ambition makes him go against his better judgement and lie to his audiences just to get them on his side in hopes of getting their votes.

He lies effortlessly and brazenly and when he is asked to clarify his dishonesty he smirks and sneers as if to say “how dare you ask me about my lies.”

John McCain is not of Presidential material and he has no sense of diplomacy.  America is already disliked by many of our international neighbors because of George W, won’t McCain make it worst?





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