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June 13, 2008

The United States of Democrats: DNC Moves To Chicago

Hip, hip hooray!  What a brilliant move!!!  This is change we can believe in and a sign of better things to come for the democratic party and America. 

Senator Obama has great innovative ideas and is obviously READY from day one!

Moving the DNC from Washington D.C. to Chicago to work hand-in-hand with Team Obama will create a united democratic front and will go along way to spread party unity nationwide.  During the democratic nomination race Team Obama was exemplary:  it was disciplined; it was leak-free, there were clear lines of communication and authority from the candidate and his key advisors, Chicago-based David Axelrod, and campaign manager David Plouffe.  They treated their employees and volunteers with respect and because of good management from the top down they have created a tight-knit staff.

The DNC has had a history of being the opposite – not organized and undisciplined.  With both teams joining forces they will learn from each other and be on the ‘same page’ in terms of campaign policies, procedures and synchronization.  Once they gel, this will be a formidable team.  The DNC will be a better organization once the general elections are over because of this move.  With a more disciplined and organized DNC it will be able to help local politicians, Senators, Congresspersons and Governors get elected in the fall and beyond.

One of the biggest benefits of this move, to me, is to get the campaign staffers out of the deep abyss called Washington, D.C. 


June 9, 2008

Democrats: Help! The war has just begun.

Senator Obama to his staff and volunteers,

“Because we won, we now have no choice.  We have to win!”

Despite Senator McCain’s constant gaffes, disorienting speeches and disorganized campaign, the republicans are going to unite behind him. We are guaranteed that Karl Rove, who George W. Bush called ‘the architect’ is going to be a key strategy advisor. 

Karl Rover was the Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush until August 2007.  He has headed the Office of Political Affairs, the Office of Public Liaison and The White House Office of Strategic Initiatives.  Karl Rove has a successful history of being the mastermind behind many victorious republican elections. Some of the most celebrated wins are the 1978 George W. Bush congressional campaign, the 1994 and 1998 Texas gubernatorial elections that George W. Bush won, the unsuccessful 1980 George H. W. Bush campaign, he worked with the 1984 Reagan-Bush presidential campaign, George W. Bush’s 2000 and 2004 presidential elections and several other elections.  Rove currently works as a political analyst for Fox News, Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal.  I have no doubt that Karl Rove is going to try to put his Midas touch on McCain’s campaign. 

The Democratic Party needs our help to combat the Darth Vaders of the Republican Party.  The Democratic Party needs help to open offices, hire staff and to make sure John McCain does not win.  We need 270 electoral votes to win on November 4. 

On Friday Senator Obama met with his staff and volunteers at his Chicago Headquarters to thank and motivate them for the next leg of the campaign.  Watch the video:


I have no affiliation with the Obama campaign, but I know sometimes we get busy and don’t think about the ‘little’ things.  This is just a reminder that if you can, please donate what you can ($10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or more) to Senator Obama’s campaign at:


Or to the Democratic National Committee at:


Obama for America 2008!

Read the NYT Obama “campaign road map” article below:


June 1, 2008

White Female Clinton Supporters: Why So Angry?

Watch video of Harriet Christian:



What did Clinton supporters expect the Democratic National Committee’s Rules and Bylaws Committee to do with the Florida and Michigan delegate allocation?

How can there be no penalties after rules were broken?  What would happen in 2012?

It has been revealed that Barack Obama had enough votes in Michigan’s write in ballots (write in ballots were not initially counted) to demand a 50/50 delegate allocation in Michigan but he left the allocation up to the RBC — the RBC split the delegates 69/59 in Clinton’s favor.  Barack Obama could have insisted on something other than half a vote for each Florida delegate but he didn’t — he left the allocation up to the RBC.  After the rulings Senator Clinton came out ahead with a net of 24 delegates more than Senator Obama.

How is this Barack Obama’s fault?

I don’t understand all the hate being projected onto Barack Obama.  How is Hillary losing his fault?  It’s a competition and he’s winning.  Are people angry just because he’s running and winning? What would they prefer?  That he did not run?  If anyone is to blame it’s Hillary for not running a better race.  Hillary was the ‘Presumptive Nominee’ when the race started.  It was her race to lose.

I am a HUGE sports fan.  I want the LA Lakers to win the NBA Championship but I won’t HATE the Boston Celtics if they win.  I would be disappointed that the Lakers lost, but I would have to respect the Celtics for winning.  If they win it’s only because they played a better game.

In sports there’s nothing more exciting than a highly competitive game; I love a game that goes into overtime.  The only difference in this nomination process is that it’s the fourth quarter and Barack Obama is winning and it doesn’t look like his opponent can score enough points to win.  It’s a competition, someone has to win.

Do you remember this years Super Bowl game between the New York Giants and the highly favored New England Patriots?  The game was one of the most significant upsets in Super Bowl history.  It was an exciting game!  The Giants (14-6) won 17–14 preventing the Patriots (18-1) from becoming the first undefeated team since the 1972 Miami Dolphins went 17–0.

The Giants became the first NFC wild card team to win a Super Bowl!


May 31, 2008

FL and MI Delegates: The New Deal

After a 3-hour break members of the Democratic National Committee’s Rule and Bylaws Committee (RBC) brokered an agreement that will seat the delegates of Florida and Michigan at the DNC convention August 25-28, 2008.  Resolutions for both Florida and Michigan passed as proposed by each state’s Democratic Party.

This tells me is that The Clintons are no longer the leaders of the Democratic Party.  This shows that The Clintons have lost the power and political collateral they once had with Democratic ‘insiders’ – the rule makers.

The RBC is made up of 13 Clinton superdelegates, 8 Obama superdelegates and 9 uncommitted superdelegates.  Many of the Clinton superdelegates united with and voted with the Obama superdelegates. (The Chair and Co-Chair don’t vote).

The RBC’s decision breaks down as follows:


·           A 15 yes, 12 no vote rejected seating ALL Florida delegates with full votes (Clinton favored)

·           A unanimous vote accepted seating all Florida delegates but with half a vote each.  A 105 Clinton/67 Obama split (Obama favored)

·           Meaning Clinton will have 52.5 delegates/Obama will have 33.5 delegates

·           Hillary Clinton gained a net of 19 votes


·           A 19 yes, 8 no note accepted allocation of Michigan delegates split 69 Clinton/59 Obama (Obama favored)

·           Each delegate would have half a vote each

·           Meaning Clinton will have 34.5 delegates/Obama will have 29.5 delegates

·           Hillary Clinton gained a net of 5 votes

Clinton gained 24 delegates. 

Senator Clinton had hoped that the DNC’s RBC would buttress the elections in Florida and Michigan which would authenticate the popular vote for her.  If the popular votes were authenticated and added to Clinton’s national tally, based on the Clinton campaign’s math, she would then lead Senator Obama in the popular vote.  Senator Clinton hoped to convince the superdelegates to give her their votes based on her calculation of the popular vote.

Senator Clinton calculates the popular vote by including the votes of Florida and Michigan, giving herself the votes in Michigan but not giving Obama any of the Michigan votes and excluding the caucus votes in Iowa, Maine, Washington and Nevada that Obama won.  According to Camp Clinton the caucuses weren’t fair so SHE doesn’t count their votes.

Obama started the day with a 200 delegate lead.  Obama ended the day with a 175 delegate lead.  After Puerto Rico, South Dakota and Michigan Obama will need approximately 20 superdelegates to reach the 2118 delegate count needed to clinch the Democratic nomination (2118 is the new number of delegates needed after today’s decisions).

Read “Continuous Update” post for details of discussions before the 3pm break.










































































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