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August 6, 2009

Stand Up, Speak Up! Let’s Mobilize for Healthcare Reform!!!

Organizing for America is putting together thousands of events this month where you can reach out to neighbors, show your support, and make certain your members of Congress know that you’re counting on them to act.

But these canvasses, town halls, and gatherings only make a difference if you turn up to knock on doors, share your views, and show your support. So here’s what I need from you:

Can you sign up to attend an event near you?

Passing comprehensive health insurance reform will not be easy. Every President since Harry Truman has talked about it, and the most powerful and experienced lobbyists in Washington stand in the way.

Fixing this crisis will not be easy. Our opponents will attack us every day for daring to try. It will require time, and hard work, and there will be days when we don’t know if we have anything more to give. But there comes a moment when we all have to choose between doing what’s easy, and doing what’s right.

This is one of those times. 

Please RSVP for an event in your community to build support for health insurance reform:


Now is the time.  Let’s seize this moment and win this historic victory for our economy, our health and our families.



  1. Great that you posted this. People really need to take ownership of KNOWING about healthcare and I think this has been sad affair of town hall debauchery. I definitely plan on sharing this and seeing if there is one in my area so that I can continue to spread the word.

    Comment by SpkTruth2Pwr — August 12, 2009 @ 1:03 pm | Reply

    • Hi Speak — I agree, we the people MUST become knowledgeable and participate in this process to healthcare reform. I am so very glad that you’re going to pass this information on — I thank you.

      Everyone has the right to their own opinion but all this mob mentality at town halls is silly especially since so many of the people there ARE on Medicare — go figure.

      Plus as much as Repubs like to pretend that they want what’s best for the majority of Americans I have never seen them put a healthcare bill on the floor when they are in power. Therefore my conclusion is that they just don’t want to see Americans with affordable healthcare so they will have riots if necessary to stop healthcare reform.

      We will continue speaking truth to power and we will prevail.


      Comment by Paulette — August 12, 2009 @ 2:10 pm | Reply

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