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June 23, 2009

We Want Health Care Reform!!!


Just like Kanye West chanted “we want pre-nup” in ‘Gold-digger’, I am chanting and we should all be chanting “we want health care reform!”

President Obama won the general elections and when he won one of the things that we Americans voted for was health care.  Like President Obama has rightfully said, “we won”.  Why would Congress have the impudence to not vote and pass President Obama’s health care reform bill?  Well, I don’t care what congress’ political reasons are, “I want health care reform!”

I am willing to organize family, friends and neighbors, call members of Congress and the Senate and cajole and pressure our elected officials so they do what the ‘people’ want.  I hope you’re ready to organize and make calls as well. 

Here is why we need health care reform.  Simply put families need to be able to get the care they need, from a physician of their choice, at a price they can afford.

Many families’ wages have been stagnant for years and our budgets have been undermined by the rising cost of living and health care. We have a dysfunctional and unsustainable health insurance system and families need Congressional action to assure quality and affordable care. We wanted health care reform twenty years ago; today we NEED it desperately!

Excessively high health care costs are a drag on our economic recovery since working families are putting more and more money into health care instead of buying things from retailers or what have you and helping the economy.

Hard working people like me and you are falling further and further behind in bills and too many people have filed for bankruptcy just because they got sick.  It is sick that the number one reason for personal bankruptcy in the United States is a major health care crisis.  That is ridiculous and inexcusable; this is THE United States of America – the greatest country in the world – shouldn’t we have health care for all our citizens?

At the same time small businesses and companies that provide satisfactory employee health care benefits are at a severe economical disadvantage against companies that do not provide adequate coverage to their employees and that’s not right; companies doing the right thing should not be penalized financially.

Our current system is utterly unaffordable. Health care costs Americans $2.3 TRILLION a year and 50 million people aren’t even covered.  Lower health care costs will help to expand access to more people and at the same time take some financial pressure off even those of us with insurance.

Health care providers have to also do their part to eliminate the imbalance in health care and all employers must be required to pay their fair share.

Changing the way we pay for health care must also be a part of the solution. We cannot continue to pay for expensive technology and treatments that have no evidence of effectiveness. Health care providers should be compensated for the quality – and not the quantity – of health care they deliver.

We must streamline and modernize the way we access medical records and eliminate inefficiencies and flaws in the system that cost money and cost lives.

Despite protests by those who offer NO solutions, it is clear that our government must have a role in controlling costs and regulating private insurance. We need a quality public insurance plan option that will end the dominance and price gouging of private insurers.

I am demanding it.  The public is demanding it.  76% of Americans are demanding a quality public health care option and WE must be prepared to fight Congress to get it. 

I hope you’re ready to fight!



  1. i’m sure that obama will have good plan for the health improvement..

    Comment by kesehatan — June 23, 2009 @ 9:54 pm | Reply

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    Comment by nirumi — June 26, 2009 @ 6:50 pm | Reply

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  5. I hope Obama gain some momentum on this issue Paulette. It is so true that when Americans elected Obama they knew and voted for his healthcare plan.

    I think the deficit is what people are worried about. The TARP ran up the bill and healthcare will drive up the deficit in the short term. I blame partially the difficulty on TARP.

    Sometimes change must come in stages. Obama could agree with blue dog democrats on a bill that is they can see eye to eye, even if it means start insuring.

    just 2 million people in the first bill, what the president needs is a little momentum. “one one coco full basket”

    Obama is great on message he needs to debunk the lies and misunderstanding out their about the healthcare bill.

    Comment by RB — July 29, 2009 @ 8:55 pm | Reply

    • What ah gwan Dutty?!

      I agree with you completely — I don’t think that Americans oppose President Obama’s healthcare plan — people are just focused on the economy and can’t and don’t want to focus on anything else until they have some money in their pockets and that is VERY understandable. I have spoken with MANY people I don’t know in the supermarket, while getting my nails done and in all sorts of random places and we pretty much gather a crowd and start talking and except for one doctor’s wife who was judging based on assumptions EVERYONE wants Obama’s version of healthcare passed. I am fairly young and have good healthcare coverage BUT I hate the way doctors don’t communicate and the extra tests for NO REASON when I already took the same test with a different doctor.

      So, simply put — I WANT OBAMA’S HEALTHCARE. Even if it’s not a one payor system I want a system similar to what Congress and President Obama has. Congress and President Obama have government run healthcare and IT WORKS. I have NEVER HEARD a Congressperson complain about THEIR government run healthcare plan and I have confidence that our government call pull off a system that works for all Americans.

      I want healthcare reform!!!


      Comment by Paulette — July 29, 2009 @ 9:22 pm | Reply

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