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March 3, 2009

HIV On The Rise For 50+ Age Group

The rate of HIV infection is “surprisingly high” among people over 50 years, the World Health Organization announced today warning that cases among older people seem to be growing worldwide.

According to WHO’s March bulletin, “The scant data that exist suggest a surprisingly high prevalence and incidence of HIV among individuals 50 years of age and over.”

The authors of the study from the United States said that the percentage of people over 50 with HIV in the U.S. soared from 20 percent in 2003 to 25 percent in 2006. In Europe, only eight percent of reported cases arise from older people. In Brazil, the number of people over 50 with HIV doubled between 1996 and 2006 — from 7.5 to 15.7 cases per 100,000 residents.

With all the awareness of HIV in the United States why is our infection rate higher than in Brazil – a country known for its promiscuity?

“The frequency of infection with HIV in older people is worrying. We need to understand why and when these people are becoming infected so that public health campaigns can be better targeted to prevent such infections,” said George Schmid, a WHO scientist.

Public perception of the disease may be part of the reason since AIDS is still being viewed as a “disease of young people” and therefore older people don’t ask to be tested when they go for their annual check-up which leads to delayed diagnosis. In addition primary care physicians hardly ever consider screening their older patients for HIV so again an opportunity for diagnosis is missed and delayed. In addition older people have lower immunity, which could lead to more rapid deterioration from an HIV infection to AIDS.

The life expectancy of those infected at age 65 or older is just four years, while people who are infected at age five to 14 have life expectancies of over 13 years.

The authors noted that sexual activity remains the most likely mode of transmission for older people.

Potency drugs such as Viagra emerging in the 1990s have extended the sex life of older people, who are also less likely than younger people to use condoms and practice safe sex.

No matter YOUR age, and even if you’re in a monogamous relationship please get tested.






  1. wow … all I can say that I’m stunned.

    Comment by afrankangle — March 3, 2009 @ 11:25 pm | Reply

    • Frank, indeed I am SHOCKED! I am even more shocked that Americans of all ages, for all our supposed sophistication, live in a state of denial and don’t get tested.

      Our teenagers are also amongst the highest percentage with HIV worldwide as well. As upsetting as this fact is, we have many children in our country who are sexually molested by parents, family members and adults they trust – male and female. Many of the adults who sexually molest our young children are themselves infected and pass on viruses to these children whatever their age 5, 6, 7…13, 14, 15.

      When these young children engage in sexual relations with their peers it usually is presumed that ‘Mary is only 12 and she IS disease free.’ Since Mary was molested by a diseased adult she then passes the disease/virus on to a young person who probably never gets tested until they become very sick. By that time Mary and her partner may have passed on the disease to other young people.

      HIV/AIDS, herpes, syphilis and other STDs are life altering and can be deadly and I am still shocked that there are Americans (like Governor Palin, Governor Jindal and others) who believe that self-restraint/self-discipline/abstinence is the only sexual education that should be taught to our children. Yes we should STRONGLY encourage self-denial/ self-restraint/self-discipline/abstinence but we must also teach safe sex and birth control and we can’t wait until they are 13. We have to make them aware of the dangers and the precautions BEFORE they even hit puberty and develop sexual attraction or interest.

      Comment by Paulette — March 4, 2009 @ 6:00 pm | Reply

  2. redmilf.info…

    Well, despite the stock market, life goes on, to coin a phrase. And now Connecticut, via court decision, has joined Mass and Cal in the same sex marriage camp. From a jurisdictional competition perspective , this move by the state located between NY (w…

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