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February 2, 2009

Economic Stimulus Plan – President Obama Needs ‘YOUR’ Help Today

Later this week, the Senate will vote on President Obama’s economic stimulus plan which includes historic investments in green jobs, health care, and education to get our economy back on track.

But right now, the stimulus doesn’t have the votes to pass. Republicans and conservative Democrats are teaming up to strip out items that will help the average American — college loan assistance, health research, tax cuts for poor folks — in favor of more tax cuts for corporations. These republicans and conservative democrats promise to block the plan if they don’t get their way.  

President Obama’s plan isn’t perfect but it will:

  • Create millions of green jobs to double our clean energy production in three years which will in turn create more jobs
  • Create affordable health care for the unemployed which will take make you and I stop paying for very, very expensive emergency  room visits
  • Creates the biggest investment in education since World War II.  This will help prevent hundreds of thousands of teachers from being laid off and stop thousands of schools from closing.  If teachers are laid off and schools close where will your children go to get an education?  What will you do with them during the day?

“But what we can’t do is let very modest differences get in the way of the overall package moving forward swiftly,” he said, adding that he hopes a bill can be passed “in the next couple of weeks so we can put America back to work and start digging ourselves out of this deep hole that we’re in.” President Obama 2/2/ 09

This is OUR government and President Obama needs our help today or tomorrow at the latest. 

We need to make sure our Senators and Congresspersons know that we want this plan passed sooner not later.  We have to make them know that they are standing in the way of America becoming economically healthy and we need to let them know that we not going to take their foolishness – we will vote them out in 2010!!!

Please call your senators and ask them to support President Obama’s economic stimulus plan because it will save or create 3 million jobs. Make sure you know the name of your two Senators then call the Capitol Operator at (202) 224-3121and ask to be transferred to your Senators.

You can also select your state and both your Senators office number will pop up and you can call you Senator directly in his/her office by going to:


Desperate times call for desperate solutions.  Please call your Senator today. 

Please pass this on and thanks for all you do for our country!


  1. If you think President Obama’s ‘stimulus’ plan will work, please educate yourself with reading three books: “The Forgotten Man” by Amity Shlaes; “Basic Economics” by Thomas Sowell; and “Economic Facts & Fallacies” by Thomas Sowell. President Obama is trying to rush this bill through for the same reason all politicians try to rush things. That is, hurry along before the electorate figures out what really is included in the legislation. When we get rushed legislation, particularly big spending legislation, we get bad legislation. Encourage your senators and representatives to do the right thing for us instead of just doing something. This ‘stimulus’ bill is laden with pork and bad spending. It will saddle the younger generations of the country with mountains of debt with no historical evidence it has any chance of working. If you do nothing else, please read the books listed above. An educated electorate is a well-served electorate.

    Comment by Gary — February 2, 2009 @ 8:23 pm | Reply

    • Gary – I trust President Obama to do the right thing. We have to start somehere in order to get our country out of the muck Bush left us in. If we don’t do something and start the economy moving our fiscal problems will get worst.

      Right now we’re in a fiscal black tunnel and there doesn’t seem to be any light. The sooner we start digging – no matter how hard the dig is – the sooner we will see some light.

      We have to do something; doing nothing doesn’t help.

      I will order those books you suggested and read them.


      Comment by Paulette — February 3, 2009 @ 3:14 pm | Reply

  2. Sometimes there is more to stimulus than simply handing out money in large sums and hoping for the best. Sometimes you have to take the time to figure out how to save as much as you can.

    There is a small start-up company in North Carolina, with the really big name of North American Innovation & Manufacturing Corporation. The NAIM Corporation, for short, also has some really big ideas.

    The idea, or rather project, could save 10’s of billions of dollars in loss that occur every year. This project could eliminate 10 million or more tons of refuse being deposited in our landfills every year and could be a stepping stone for the future development of solar technologies which could be implemented into structures more cost effectively and playing a huge role in achieving our Energy Independence and in reducing Global Warming. There are actually quite a lot of things this project could do.

    Many experts, officials and the like have viewed material about the project and have agreed the idea may be feasible and it should be looked into.

    The NAIM Corporation has been seeking Federal funding for the project for a little over a year. Yet, because of various policies and political red-tape nothing has been done to assist this North Carolina company with the relatively small amount it needs to carry out the proper development, research and testing.

    I think you will be surprised by what the project is and how relevant it could be to our Nation. So please if you have time, visit http://naimcorporation.com/. If you feel it is relevant as well, contact your representatives and let them know you support the requested $4 million dollars for the project; or if you feel that your tax dollars are better suited elsewhere, then let them know that as well. Thank you for your valuable time.

    Comment by Faron — February 2, 2009 @ 9:54 pm | Reply

  3. FYI – I strongly support OUR President! He has great ideas on how to STEER American in the direction that we need to go. I called the number listed to let my senator know that he should support OUR president with his brilliant ideas.

    Comment by Glamourous — February 3, 2009 @ 1:08 pm | Reply

    • Thank you Glamourous! President Obama is trying to dig us out of the debts and depths that George Bush put us in for 8 years and it’s not going to be easy so we all have to do our part by participating in our government to move it along out of the stagnant hole we’re in.

      President Obama is a smart man and I trust his judgment to do what he thinks is best.

      Comment by Paulette — February 3, 2009 @ 2:25 pm | Reply

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