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November 21, 2008

Sarah Palin’s Turkeygate: Who’s The Real Turkey?

Sarah Palin is back in Alaska and has resumed her hectic schedule filled with meetings talking about the country of Africa while watching Russians from her front porch. 

Palin took time out of her demanding schedule to drive to Wasilla in order to pardon a local turkey for Thanksgiving.

After Palin pardoned the Wasilla turkey she decided to give an interview to a local TV station. What makes this bizarre is that while Palin was chatting away about  missing the limelight, the ‘hecticness’ and her great appreciation of the lower 48, turkeys were squawking behind her protesting their own slaughter.  It seems that Palin did not hear their urgent squawks for help as she aimlessly chewed the fat.

Seeing is believing! Watch the video below.  The video is grisly so be warned!



  1. You seem to have missed the point.
    Most people that really know how food is produced and processed do not find what was going on in the back ground to be a problem!
    It is simply a real life situation.

    Comment by pobept — November 23, 2008 @ 2:27 pm | Reply

  2. Of course it’s a real life situation – most of us eat and enjoy turkey!

    The point is that she doesn’t get ‘it’. Why conduct an interview with turkeys being slaughtered directly behind her in camera shot? As a politician who is now ‘catering’ to the lower 48 she needs to know her audience and know that many people are vegetarians, etc and would find the image offensive.

    She talks and acts without thinking. She shoots from the hip without thinking. That’s the point.

    Comment by Paulette — November 23, 2008 @ 2:47 pm | Reply

  3. Paulette, that is so true!!

    Comment by ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID — November 23, 2008 @ 3:23 pm | Reply

  4. I wonder who is the inbreed slack-jaw
    that cant stay away from the interview.
    We can call him Joe, the turkeyneck wringer. This was the entire problem with her as a VP candidiate.
    Although there is a part of me that
    thinks this was contrived (i.e. some
    of the “clever” language and the wink
    at the end of the interview, this was
    at the very least, course, uncouth and classless as some 5 year old watches
    the death throws of the bird and the
    rattle-trap contraption as the bird is
    bleed out and asks their mother about what they just saw, blurred or not.
    An observation: Todd Palin never spoke
    to the public. All other candidate
    spouse’s addressed the media and public
    quite eloquently and that was expected.
    Todd never, to the best of my knowledge,
    uttered a single word.

    Comment by TS — November 23, 2008 @ 5:05 pm | Reply

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