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October 16, 2008

3rd Debate: McCain Came Out Fighting!

 McCain came out fighting but it didn’t work.  It was a mismatch. Obama was poised and presidential. McCain was angry and/or irritated.  McCain’s best line of the last 6 months was, “Senator Obama, I’m not George Bush”. But the line fell flat because it seemed forced.  This what Obama did with that line:

True … but you did vote with Bush 90% of the time,” says the announcer.

“Tax breaks for big corporations and the wealthy. But almost nothing for the middle class — same as Bush. Keep spending ten billion a month in Iraq while our own economy struggles — same as Bush.”


The spot, titled “90 Percent,” contains shots of McCain rolling his eyes, blinking and looking like a deer in the headlights — as sure a suggestion as any that the Obama campaign thought they won last night’s debate as much (if not more) on style as substance.

The ad will be airing across the country on national cable beginning today.

P.S. Bob Schieffer did a great job!


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  1. 1) look at mccain’s face as he hugs cindy in your pic above!!! 2) mccain got that “i’m not george bush” line directly from republican pundits’ post mortems after the last debate. At least one of them said he should say that, verbatim. 3) obama’s response to that was priceless. 4) obama’s restraint in the face of so much temptation to attack attack attack speaks to his tremendous control and decency: when asked about mccain’s “bresh of freth air”, he didn’t even smirk, and when mccain had the nerve to snark obama had never been south of the border — another zinger-invite, obama courageously resisted the urge to swing. truly presidential.

    Comment by angelic1 — October 16, 2008 @ 2:38 pm | Reply

  2. No, you’re not George Bush, you just vote with him. Did McCain not see that coming? Obama’s ad is a no-brainer after McCain pulled that.

    Obama was presidential, McCain was Snark McNasty and smelled of desperation. McCain was so angry it was hard to hear any point he was trying to make.

    And his Joe the Plumber was exposed today – ties to Keating, owes taxes, he’s not undecided, he’s a Republican, has no plumbing license.

    McCain must enjoy having things backfire on him.

    Comment by Bruce — October 16, 2008 @ 3:35 pm | Reply

  3. P.S. that pic you posted of the candidates going to hug their wives: McCain looks like The Penguin. What was wrong with his face all night? He looked like he was going insane.

    Comment by Bruce — October 16, 2008 @ 3:37 pm | Reply

  4. McCain was a super straight shooter 10 years ago, but had to modify his views to obtain the GOP nomination.

    Vote your conscious but do not be hard on McCain the individual.

    Let’s not forget who are what we are as US citizens for political parties, any political party.

    Comment by batguano101 — October 16, 2008 @ 3:51 pm | Reply

  5. LMAO! Something IS ‘off’ about McCain’s face and when he frowns or tries to look contrite he looks crazy!

    Comment by Paulette — October 16, 2008 @ 4:02 pm | Reply

  6. Joe the plumber was a set-up – how typical. OLD SCHOOL tactics!


    McCain needs to go sit in a corner and play quietly by himself!

    Comment by Paulette — October 16, 2008 @ 4:04 pm | Reply

  7. I’ve been so busy today that I’ve not had time to ‘post’ about the debate – but I now that I’m thinking about it, there’s not much to say.

    McCain came with his same old angry tricks.

    One thing than jumped out at me all night was the fact the he said he would SLASH the budget but he spoke all night of spending…WTH!

    Mccain was plain crazy and confusing. What else is new?

    Comment by Paulette — October 16, 2008 @ 4:06 pm | Reply

  8. Recall the LBJ campaign slogan against Goldwater:

    “In your guts, you know he’s nuts.”

    Goldwater was not mentally ill, and was earnestly following his understanding of the best for the USA.

    We do have politicians today who do not appear to seek or consider what is best for the nation.

    I do not believe McCain is one of them.

    When the smoke clears of the election, and it will, I would like to look at myself in the mirror without shame and I encourage both Democrats and Republicans to consider that to avoid excesses on either side.

    Comment by batguano101 — October 16, 2008 @ 4:11 pm | Reply

  9. looks like McCain isn’t all that in love with cindy. Thanks for giving me another photo to use on my blog 🙂
    Anyways, McCain made a huge mistake by saying that the mothers health wasn’t important, or at least he suggested it when he use the air quotes. McCain did worse in this debate, I think McCain could have controlled his anger if he wouldn’t have looked at Obama.
    Obama was very calm and collected and thats the kind of rational leader America should have.

    Comment by sensico — October 16, 2008 @ 4:36 pm | Reply

  10. Batguano – I never heard this quote before, ““In your guts, you know he’s nuts.”

    Wow, that’s a history lesson – thank you.

    And yes, I already voted and sleep well knowing that I did what was right for America. What state do you live in?

    Talk with you soon.

    Comment by Paulette — October 16, 2008 @ 7:50 pm | Reply

  11. Angelic – I think that Obama has shown America that he shouldn’t be feared. Obama is more like ‘Will Smith’ not ‘Jesse Jackson’.

    McCain is just a crazy old man screaming at clouds and THAT scares Americans.

    Did you see all those CRAZY expressions on McCain’s face for most of the debate? At one point I believed that a camera man had to be distorting the images!

    Even the picture I posted with McCain’s tongue hanging out is real! He started to exit stage left, realized his mistake and that was his reaction — BIZARRE!!!

    Comment by Paulette — October 16, 2008 @ 7:58 pm | Reply

  12. Paulette-

    I am in Georgia and have already voted also, though not for Senator McCain.

    McCain was a POW under the harshest of circumstances for years. I salute him, and cut him any slack personally as a man I can for that reason.

    The “In your guts you know he’s nuts” was not spoken by LBJ, but by his campaign, caught on and was wildly popular and effective, along with the girl with the daisy/mushroom cloud.

    If you study the elections in modern history, only Willy Horton/GHW Bush came close or exceeded the discrediting/fear campaign of the LBJ/Goldwater. (I like LBJ, the prototype Texas politician since I am from Texas)

    The process this round, including the debates, has not been our finest hour in presidential campaigns. But it will pass.

    Comment by batguano101 — October 16, 2008 @ 10:15 pm | Reply

  13. Batguano, thanks for the history lesson – I love it!

    I’m not judging McCain as a person, I simply do not believe that he’s right for America – his time has past.

    My sister is in Georgia, she voted yesterday and it took her over 2 hrs from start to finish – there was over 300 people on line at 2:30pm in the afternoon!

    I love to see people participating in our civic duties.

    Comment by Paulette — October 16, 2008 @ 10:26 pm | Reply

  14. I had to register three times and my son twice for it to take, the last going in person the first day of early voting.

    A couple of people standing in line near me had similar stories. Apparently there has been some difficulty in people who are voters being on the roles, but I got it straightened out to cast my vote.

    We have diebold voting here. I have long since lost confidence in that. But no one tided up the voting machine voting since the last election so it is what is going on these days.

    We will see.

    Comment by batguano101 — October 16, 2008 @ 10:59 pm | Reply

  15. I agree Paulette Bob Schieffer won this debate hands down. Tom Brokaw was absolutely boring. I hated the second debate.Bob Schieffer for president.

    I am not sure but isn’t there some medicine that John McCain can take to make him calm down. I know i saw something advertising on television.John McCain is trying to be like Palin by being “folksy” with this “Joe the plumber” argument.

    He plays right into Obama’s hand. He looked erratic, angry and out of control.Then for the last couple of days the Obama camp used the same tactic the troops in Iraq use. Draw enemy fire then neutralize . You had Biden talking about “when you have something to say to a guy you say it to his face”. Then you had Obama doing an interview on TV telling the interviewer McCain couldn’t bring up the William Ayers episode to his face.

    Just like an old fool he took all the bait and bite. I think McCain want to fire his top advisers but it might contribute to the raising unemployment figures.

    Comment by duttybwoy — October 17, 2008 @ 1:26 am | Reply

  16. I agree Dutty – he took the bait, hook like and sinker; now he can’t use that argument anymore.

    McCain team has had an extremely FLAWED strategy and over inflamed egos.

    When are you coming to Florida to vote??? 🙂

    Comment by Paulette — October 17, 2008 @ 1:52 pm | Reply

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