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August 29, 2008

McCain Picks Gov Sarah Palin (Alaska) For His VP

 A few minutes ago John McCain announced that Sarah Palin who has been Governor of Alaska for two years will be his running mate.  Palin seems to be a very charming woman.

My first honest thought was ‘they don’t look comfortable together’.

My second though was how she is going to adjust to the mainland; in particular Washington, D.C.

My third thought was does Palin have the knowledge necessary to whisper corrections into McCain’s ears when he makes his gaffes like Lieberman does? Does Palin have National Security experience? How educated is Palin on the issues? Does Palin have Foreign Relations experience?

Is Palin just a ‘pawn’ to get the women vote? (That’s a redundant question). Does McCain think that the female vote is transferable from Hillary to ANY woman?

By selecting Palin, McCain proves that he is putting his ambitions ahead of those of our country. He has stated both recently and previously, that he would chose a running mate that shared his views and principles. She certainly fits his requirements. What he did NOT do was put the nation’s interests first – he selected an individual that is not qualified to succeed him in the event of an unfortunate tragedy. Is this sound mature thinking and judgment? This is all about me first.

Before becoming Governor of Alaska Palin was Mayor of Wasilla, a town of about 8,000. As someone who has visited and LOVEs Alaska, I can tell you that this will be a huge transition from Alaska to the lower 48.  Every town in Alaska is real small town rural living even in its capital Anchorage – where everyone knows everyone.  Anchorage has a population of approximately 270,000 people and that is about 50% of the population of the entire state of Alaska which is about half of a million people.  So Palin will be going from governing Alaska that has 500,000 people to co-governing America which has 301 million people.  The state of Illinois has 13 million people; the state of Delaware has 1 million people. What a promotion!

Living or working in a city like New York you see that much people in 5 blocks.  In Los Angeles you see that much people on Robertson Boulevard at lunch time.  In Miami you see that much people lazing around South Beach at any given minute – day or night.  In D.C. you see that much people walking around Georgetown at lunch time.

John McCain has had 4 bouts with cancer – is Palin prepared to be President if something happens to McCain?

Sarah Palin, a former runner-up in the Miss Alaska beauty contest, burst on to the political scene in 2006 by becoming both the first female and youngest governor in Alaskan history at the age of 42.

She had previously gained statewide attention as a gutsy maverick unafraid to speak truth after whistle blowing on ethical violations by state Republican Party leaders during her time on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

A “soccer-mom” type with telegenic good looks, Palin is a real life Miss Congeniality — she won the title in the Wasilla beauty pageant back in 1984.

Palin is a strong social conservative and a staunch supporter of gun rights, she is hugely popular in Alaska — a poll published last month showed her approval rating at 80 per cent.

Palin is strongly pro-life — her fifth child, born in April, has Down’s Syndrome — but friends said she rejected suggestions of an abortion. She also opposes same-sex marriage, but has often sympathized with the concerns of gay community about discrimination and has implemented legislation ensuring equal benefits for same-sex couples.

After running her gubernatorial campaign on clean government, Palin has successfully pushed through an ethics Bill as well as shelving pork-barrel projects supported by fellow Republicans. She is a spending hawk, having slashed the state’s construction budget by $237 million – the largest cuts in Alaskan history.

After taking office, she followed through on a campaign promise to sell a Windward II jet purchased on state credit. Placing it on eBay three times, she eventually sold it to the highest bidder for $2.7 million.

Palin’s energy stance dovetails nicely with that of McCain — promoting resource development while also taking steps to address climate change and environmental issues. She has recently announced plans to create a new sub-cabinet group of advisers, tasked with reducing greenhouse gas emissions within Alaska.

However, Palin is not entirely free of scandal. She is currently under investigation by the state legislature for possible abuse of power surrounding the dismissal of a state trooper who was involved in a bitter divorce and custody battle with her sister, Molly McCann. The governor is said to be co-operating with the investigation, which is being overseen by Democratic State Senator Hollis French.

An Alaskan through and through, Palin grew up with a love of traditional outdoor pursuits. As a child she regularly got up before dawn to go moose-hunting with her father and is still a strong believer in gun ownership. She is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.

Before entering politics she had a number of unconventional jobs including sports reporter and commercial fisherman, the latter alongside her husband Ted, who is a Yupik Innuit.



  1. You certainly raised some interesting questions about Palin. McCain is pandering, in my opinion, trying to bring over disaffected Hillary supporters. It might work with the most disgruntled, but I don’t see this VP choice bringing McCain the election. In fact, I think it serves to highlight McCain’s difference in age with Obama. Palin is young and beautiful, McCain is neither. If there are questions about Obama’s readiness to be president, what about Palin’s? There is a very real chance that she could become president, if McCain wins. I can’t see a governor from Alaska being ready for that.

    Comment by deannaizme — August 29, 2008 @ 1:16 pm | Reply

  2. Deanna, you are right on! she ain’t ready and she ain’t right. And she can’t take the hillary votes: this is a pro-life, pro-guns, pro-death penalty (see any conflict there, my friends?) anti-gay marriage, pro-drilling neophyte. How will she run the country when maccain inevitably succumbs to either death or senility? She has absolutely no experience, no foreign policy, no economic savvy, nothing. As one person puts it, she’s the new geraldine quayle! I think right now net/net, her choice lends no advantage. However, how huge a mistake it is will become glaringly apparent after the first VP debate when she’s eaten alive. she ain’t no barracuda, she’s a guppy to be swallowed whole by the shark that’s Biden. To paraphrase a great man: we are waaaaaayyyy better than that!

    Comment by angelic1 — August 29, 2008 @ 1:30 pm | Reply

  3. Deanna and Heather – on paper this may look good to McCain but she adds nothing to the ticket and she WILL be eaten alive in Washington. As vast as Alaska is the population is extremely small and intimate and that by itself is going to be interesting. She’s in Dayton, OH today – she has already seen more people in that one room that she probbaly sees in Alaska all day. Living in the the lower 49 is SO different from even the most debonair life in Alaska.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how she does in the debate – maybe she’ll bring a gun to scare Biden.

    Comment by Paulette — August 29, 2008 @ 1:49 pm | Reply

  4. ha! she’ll NEED a gun to do any damage. she’s just not ready. she’s like a pre-k kid at a 3rd grade party. cute and all, but can’t hang past nap time.

    Comment by angelic1 — August 29, 2008 @ 2:02 pm | Reply

  5. She hasn’t been introduced to DC as yet. The media is going to predictably cover her day and night as if she’s a super star since she’s the new kid on the block.

    Comment by Paulette — August 29, 2008 @ 2:35 pm | Reply

  6. What a stunner this was. This will do a good job of reinforcing McCain as a maverick, but it also opens him up to ridicule. This should be interesting.

    Comment by Aaron — August 29, 2008 @ 2:53 pm | Reply

  7. Lets face it, this women is going to draw in women voters because shes a women.
    I have a feeling about whats going to happen. Joe Biden is going to treat her in some sort of way during the debate, that people start falsely start crying sexism. Joe Biden, can not be tough on her during the debate or else people will call him sexist even though Biden’s record proves otherwise.
    Then, McCain’s going to win the race.
    That’s my cynical prediction, and if I’m wrong, then I won’t blog for a whole day. 😦

    Comment by sensico — August 29, 2008 @ 3:08 pm | Reply

  8. Palin is against free choice, pro-life, anti-abortion. Sure, she’ll bring in the women that were already going to vote for McCain.

    Comment by Cats r Flyfishn — August 29, 2008 @ 5:57 pm | Reply

  9. Cats, exactly, she’ll draw in those women already for McCain and she’ll draw in the “Independent Hillary women” who were really Republicans.

    She is NOT ready, and it’s a transparent play by McCain.

    Good luck John going after Obama’s “experience”.

    It may give him a short-term boost, and it may play with the “conservative” base, but it ain’t gonna help in the long run.

    The funny thing is that it may galvanize Hillary and her “people” even more for Obama. Would they want Palin to be the first woman President? God forbid.

    Comment by Bruce — August 29, 2008 @ 7:32 pm | Reply

  10. Paulette, just got your comment on my latest Palin post. Pretty wild, huh?

    Couldn’t agree more with you!

    Comment by Bruce — August 29, 2008 @ 8:54 pm | Reply

  11. I’m a poll worker, a life long feminist and have a degree in History, thus very involved in the process.

    Also, today is my 61st birthday. Today, I woke up to John McCain’s birthday message. He’s 11 yrs older than me.

    This makes me sick. It is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen in my long life. So now, a small town beauty queen who managed to get to a higher office (in a state smaller than 6 of the cities in my state) is put close to the Presidency?

    I recall that the ABC TV series “Men in Trees” (re Alaska) first showed up in Sept. 2006, two months before the beauty queen and small town mayor was elected. It was also about a feisty beauty.

    Please tell me I’m dreaming. Is there any sanity here? Has John McCain been dx’d with Alzheimers as yet? He needs to be tested.

    Comment by marly — August 29, 2008 @ 9:47 pm | Reply

  12. Marly – sorry but you’re NOT dreaming. Palin governs Alaska that has a total of 500,000 people – it has more reindeer and caribou than people.

    Oklahoma City has 500,000 people so she has the experience similar to that of the MAYOR of Oklahoma City or Tucson City, AZ or Cleveland, OH.

    To put it into perspective New York City has over 8 million people, Illinois has 13 million people. America has over 300 million people.

    Furthermore the rhythm and rhyme or the lower 49 is so so so very different from rural Alaska. Every town except for small city Anchorage is rural in Alaska.

    This is incredible to me. McCain is only thinking of his own personal interests and ambitions – not the good of the American people.


    Comment by Paulette — August 29, 2008 @ 10:03 pm | Reply

  13. Marly, Happy Birthday in spite of the shocker. This is GOP reality, but for the rest of us it’s reality TV! I’m amused by your analogy — Men in Trees came immediately to mind when I heard the news. I can’t help but believe that only in Alaska would she be elected to governor — think about the ratio of men to women, without being sexist, it seems to me guys like the appearance of this woman, and so the vote in alaska was influenced by her being a goodlooking woman and there being so many men there.

    Comment by angelic1 — August 29, 2008 @ 11:59 pm | Reply

  14. Thanks for the b’day wishes, some of you. How did I find this blog? People seem nice (and smart) here.

    My guess is that much bandwidth is being burned up today, after that VP announcement. Should be quite interesting when everyone does their searches on Sarah Palin.

    Also, as a mother, as many, I balanced my home and corporate life also – 25 years of long work days and commutes, etc. But, what I’m having a problem with is….how could a young mother leave an infant with a disability, to pursue her own narcissistic goals? I don’t get it. As a mother, family always comes first. My sons were learning disabled (and one spent two tours in Iraq as USMC) and I just can’t imagine trying to be the VP of the COUNTRY (let alone a corporation or a small state governor) if you have a brand new baby with Down’s Syndrome. To me, that is a huge red flag, regarding her judgment. Just selecting her is a HUGE red flag, regarding John McCain’s judgment.

    Also, with comments on my first note, I live in California —- the entire population of Alaska is smaller than several of our individual cities (SF, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, etc.) Also, some of those cities have a core area and a metro area, which would make them double in size. After all, we have 38 million people in our state. Let me get this: 675,000 people (Alaska —- some of whom do not want to be bothered….which is WHY they move to Alaska)vs. the State of California with 38,000,000….and the 5th largest economy in the World? Hmmm.

    It boggles my mind that anyone who was recently a mayor in a town with around 7,000 people — ala “Northern Exposure” (Cicely, Alaska) or “Men in Trees” (Elmo, Alaska) could have a clue as to how to govern an administrative/complex/diverse entity (the Federal Govt) which supposedly serves 300 MILLION people in more diverse areas/situations than are describable.

    I don’t care about her integrity or intelligence or her drive. It’s not the pertinent in this situation. My daughter-in-law works for the NSA (National Security Agency) in DC, and she looks like Palin and has a master’s in National Security. She’s the smartest person I know —- but would she want to be the VP of the US? Nope.

    I don’t think this Alaskan beauty queen/hockey mom has a clue what she is getting into. That’s the scary part.

    The whole thing is so creepy and surreal.

    As a postscript, I started following Obama in November, 2003 (a doctor friend in Chicago tipped me off) and I’ve read his books and followed his progress for nearly 5 years. I know people who have met him in person. He’s not perfect (which he admits), but he’s sure the best I’ve seen for a very long time. This McCain thing today really frightens me, regarding a comprehensive thought process.

    This is all so sad. Has everyone renewed their memory of 2000 by watching the movie “Recount?”

    Comment by marly — August 30, 2008 @ 2:12 am | Reply

  15. Marly – I am just as bewildered as you. The Washington dynamic is its own eco-system. This is a rural small town girl that might lead the free world IF McCain was elected and IF something tragic happened to him. It boggles my mind. It makes little sense. John McCain’s judgment does NOT exist. John McCain’s thinking is warped. Plus he only met Palin ONCE before. How can he be sufficiently impressed with Palin enough to offer her the VP position after meeting her once? This is to be the second most powerful person in the free world. This is someone who will have access to our nuclear weapons and will have to navigate Washington DC and deal effectively with Foreign nations! Even a PTA President is more vetted than that!

    This entire selection REAKS of desperation. John McCain is NOT thinking. This is insanity.

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!!!

    Comment by Paulette — August 30, 2008 @ 7:55 am | Reply

  16. Here’s a REVEALING NEW BIO on Palin:


    Comment by Bruce — August 30, 2008 @ 10:00 am | Reply

  17. This was very interesting but it sounds and reads like she wrote it. This is one woman that is very easy to hate!!1

    Comment by Sherry Arnold — October 13, 2008 @ 6:29 pm | Reply

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