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August 9, 2008

Olympics: Let The Games Begin!!! (See Times and Schedules)

Let the games begin!!!

I am no fan of the Chinese government – no way, nee, nu, bus hi, daong, na, nyet! (No in several languages).

But I am a lover of sports.  Yes I am!  But as a form of my own silent protest, because of the inhumanity of the Chinese government and in empathy for the Chinese citizens, I will not watch the Olympics.

 It’s painful – I very much want to watch the US basketball teams (men and women), gymnastics, volleyball, swimming and of course track and field.  In particular the 100m and 200m (go King and Lightening!!!). 

I will however follow the results on-line and in the news. If you plan on watching and aren’t sure of ‘the hot events’, try to watch Lopez Lamont (USA) 800m – he’s one of the lost boys of Sudan and his story is inpirational and shows that if we how we love each other and leave the fears behind we will make the world a better place.

Those of you who will watch to honor and support the brilliant athletes of the world who have trained and sacrificed for years and years and have the opportunity to represent themselves and their countries, another must watch event is the Men’s 100m and 200m where America and Jamaica will go head-to-head.  Both races promises to be spectacular. And if you can, don’t miss any of the men’s basketball games.

Just in case you’re wondering what the time difference is between Beijing and your local time:




7 hours ahead of London


1:00pm BST London

12 hours ahead of New York


8:00am EST NY

13 hours ahead of Texas


7:00am CST TX

15 hours ahead of LA


5:00am PST CA

To find out what time it is in Beijing, check out the World Clock.

Please check your local NBC and MSNBC program listing for official information.  Some scheduled events:

Saturday, August 9

Women’s Basketball

USA vs. Czech Republic

8:00am EST

Sunday, August 10

Men’s Basketball

USA vs. China

10:15am EST

Monday, August 11

Women’s Basketball

USA vs. China

8:00am EST

Tuesday, August 12

Men’s Basketball

USA vs. Angola

8:00am EST

Wednesday, August 13

Women’s Basketball

USA vs. Bali

10:15am EST

Thursday, August 14

Men’s Basketball

USA vs. Greece

8:00am EST


Men’s 100m Round 1

9:45pm EST

Friday, August 15

Women’s Basketball

USA vs. Spain

8:00am EST


Men’s 100m Round 2



Men’s 800m Round 1

(Lopez Lamong)



Saturday, August 16

Men’s Basketball

USA vs. Spain

10:15am EST

Sunday, August 17

Women’s Basketball

USA vs. New Zealand

10:15am EST

Monday, August 18

Men’s Basketball

USA vs. Germany

8:00am EST







For official Olympic schedules and videos:





Good luck to ALL!



  1. I find sports very boring, that was before I bothered to watch the Olympics for the first time this year.
    My new favorite sports are handball and fencing so far. The US if kicking some A-word. I tend to root for countries that aren’t dictatorships, except when its Russia Versus Korea, Im rooting Korea.

    Comment by sensico — August 9, 2008 @ 7:38 pm | Reply

  2. Sensico – I LOVE sports. I enjoy competition and I love the role the ‘human factor’ plays. No matter if two teams are equal on paper, when push-comes-to-shove: Who is stronger mentally? Who is willing to push themselves to the brink for that extra 2 minutes? Who wants it more? Who is hungrier? The team that answers affirmative to those four questions usually wins. I love to watch the physical and emotional strengths play out — that’s why I enjoy sports.

    Basketball, Golf, Football, Soccer are my favorites. I watch everything else on the championship level.

    Comment by Paulette — August 9, 2008 @ 8:57 pm | Reply

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