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July 16, 2008

Ever Use Birth Control? Planned Parenthood Ad Exposes McCain’s Position

Planned Parenthood Action Fund is launching a new ad Wednesday in crucial battleground states set to highlight a campaign trail moment John McCain would rather soon forget.

The 30-second spot aimed at women voters shows McCain’s apparent unease when a reporter asked him last week whether it was unfair that some insurance plans covered Viagra and not birth control.

“Ever use birth control? Then you’ll want to hear this,” the ad’s narrator states before a flustered McCain is shown saying, “I don’t know enough about it to give you an informed answer.”

Planned Parenthood spokesman Tait Sye says the ad will run in Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Washington, D.C. during television programs popular with women — including Wednesday’s season premier of “Project Runway” and “Army Wives” on Lifetime. It will also air during Oprah in some markets.

The group is hoping this issue in particular resonates with the broad swath of the women voters McCain is trying to court — according to one study Planned Parenthood cites 98 percent of sexually active women have used at least one form of birth control.

The off-message moment stemmed from a comment by a member of McCain’s own team: national co-chairwoman Carly Fiorina, who had said earlier women often express frustration over the fact many health insurance plans cover Viagra but not birth control medication.

A McCain spokesman later said the Arizona senator supported competition in the healthcare industry, presumably allowing women to nix policies that cover Viagra but not their specific needs. 

The clip below is not from Planned Parenthood:



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