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June 16, 2008

McCain Fundraiser: Women Should Lie Back And Enjoy Rape…?!

  Clayton Williams “Claytie” is a prominent person in Texas politics. Prominent enough to secure the GOP gubernatorial election in 1990. Prominent enough that he and “W” were ‘social colleagues’ because they were both oilmen and “W” was the governor of Texas and Claytie was the GOP gubernatorial candidate.  So prominent that Claytie was recruited as a fundraiser for John McCain.  Claytie organized a gala that promised to raise $300,000 for McCain.

During his 1990 gubernatorial run against the late vivacious Ann Richards, Claytie made some extremely offensive statements that he claimed were jokes.  Two such statements are:

1.    The weather is like rape, “as long as it’s inevitable, you (women) might as well lie back and enjoy it.”

2.    He was so confident that he would defeat his Democratic opponent, Ann Richards, that he promised to “head her and hoof her and drag her through the dirt” just like a cow he would rope on his ranch.

I am often told that I have a great sense of humor but I don’t see anything remotely funny about either of these statements.  Now, these are statements he said publicly with reporters around, can you imagine what he said in private???

When ABC News confronted McCain with the facts of Claytie’s statements and his reputation, McCain declared that he and his campaign knew nothing of Claytie’s bad jokes. 

Now, I know McCain can’t use a computer (I’m not lying; he has said this proudly publicly) but alas, at least one person on his staff must know that ‘Google’ exists?!  Is it too much to ask that 2008 21 century presumed republican nominee has some knowledge of technology even if he knows nothing about the economy? 

Seriously, don’t you think that is reasonable?  Where is John McCain’s judgement? 

If this is the ‘experience’ and ‘change’ that McCain is going to bring to the White House we’re in real big trouble. 

If the way he has been running his campaign is any indication of the way he would run America, we’re in real big trouble.

To add insult to injury while all this Claytie stuff is being brought to light, McCain is at the same time trying to woo female voters.  If McCain is going to court women, shouldn’t he at least know that women don’t enjoy rape so he should stay away from people who think rape is funny? 

And if he’s wooing women shouldn’t he know that if a woman is raped she should have the right to choose?

To make things worse, McCain has proved that he was just trying to trick women into believing that he was shocked and upset by Claytie’s statements so he cancelled the fundraiser which was scheduled for last Friday. 

I have just found out that the McCain campaign did not cancel the fundraiser with Claytie; they merely postponed it and have rescheduled it for a future summer date.  Is this straight-talk?

The McCain campaign when directly asked if they had or planned to return the monies they already received from Claytie said unequivocally, ‘no’, they will not return the money to Claytie.

Doesn’t McCain have a wife and daughters?  Doesn’t he understand?

I guess McCain thinks women are friggin’ idiots or is he the idiot???




  1. When I first read about this incident, I went into shock. I thought, “NO. WAY. McCain would NEVER do this.” But that was before I understood his reasoning. He simply needs the money. Doesn’t matter if it comes from people who make rape jokes in public. Doesn’t matter if he’s trying to trick women into believing he isn’t exactly like every other Republithug. He needs the money.

    Google? You expected him to use Google?

    Yes, I too thought of McCain’s wife and daughters, as well as female relatives of Claytie. But he doesn’t care about trivial things like that. He needs the money.

    Comment by Martine — June 17, 2008 @ 1:13 pm | Reply

  2. And some people want this guy as our president? HAHAHAHAHA

    What a creep and a piece of crap.

    Comment by minchy4obama — July 17, 2008 @ 11:41 pm | Reply

  3. Minchy — exactly. He is a creep! He left his first wife who waited for him to return from Vietnam for a young rich thing months after he returned home. No loyalty!

    Comment by Paulette — July 18, 2008 @ 10:32 am | Reply

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