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June 14, 2008

Video: McCain Is Nobody’s Diplomat

I disagree with what the majority of the American people want.”  says John McCain defiantly.

His attitude is he doesn’t care what people think, he will do what he wants and he doesn’t care who knows it – he has the same attitude and mind-set as George W. Bush.

John McCain proves to be an arrogant, rude, overly ambitious warmonger. He has war on his mind and that’s driving all his decisions.  Even conservative Pat Buchanan says that he is nervous because McCain is worst than Cheney when it comes to desiring war. 

McCain even admits that sheer ambition makes him go against his better judgement and lie to his audiences just to get them on his side in hopes of getting their votes.

He lies effortlessly and brazenly and when he is asked to clarify his dishonesty he smirks and sneers as if to say “how dare you ask me about my lies.”

John McCain is not of Presidential material and he has no sense of diplomacy.  America is already disliked by many of our international neighbors because of George W, won’t McCain make it worst?






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