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June 13, 2008

The United States of Democrats: DNC Moves To Chicago

Hip, hip hooray!  What a brilliant move!!!  This is change we can believe in and a sign of better things to come for the democratic party and America. 

Senator Obama has great innovative ideas and is obviously READY from day one!

Moving the DNC from Washington D.C. to Chicago to work hand-in-hand with Team Obama will create a united democratic front and will go along way to spread party unity nationwide.  During the democratic nomination race Team Obama was exemplary:  it was disciplined; it was leak-free, there were clear lines of communication and authority from the candidate and his key advisors, Chicago-based David Axelrod, and campaign manager David Plouffe.  They treated their employees and volunteers with respect and because of good management from the top down they have created a tight-knit staff.

The DNC has had a history of being the opposite – not organized and undisciplined.  With both teams joining forces they will learn from each other and be on the ‘same page’ in terms of campaign policies, procedures and synchronization.  Once they gel, this will be a formidable team.  The DNC will be a better organization once the general elections are over because of this move.  With a more disciplined and organized DNC it will be able to help local politicians, Senators, Congresspersons and Governors get elected in the fall and beyond.

One of the biggest benefits of this move, to me, is to get the campaign staffers out of the deep abyss called Washington, D.C. 

Washington DC is a peculiar place, a place full drama, comedies and tragedies – it is real life theatre. It’s a place where there is constant power play, rumors, rumors of rumors, obsessions with one’s self and obsession with every one else.  It is a city of personality conflicts and phony friendships. It is a town where everyone has lists: lists of enemies, lists of ‘friends’, lists with people to meet, lists of people to stay away from, lists of those to be seen with, lists of those not to be seen with, lists of who to be seen with in posh restaurants and lists of who not to be seen with in any restaurant.  It is the Washington way — complicated and full of agendas.

Washington D.C. is its own dysfunctional universe.  Because of the type of environment it is, and because of all the extra curricular energy sapping activities it can be easy for staffers to lose focus of their main objectives:  getting Senator Obama elected and doing right by the American people.

So I strongly believe that getting campaign workers and volunteers out of D.C. will keep them motivated and focused on their jobs at hand.

Some people thought that DNC staffers would be disturbed by the move to Chicago but DNC aides publicly welcomed the transition.  “I don’t think anyone could have ever predicted what’s about to transpire,” said DNC chief of staff Tom McMahon, who predicted that the combined Obama and party campaign would “dwarf” Democratic efforts of 2004.

“Pulling people into the same city is a good idea,” said David Wilhelm, an informal adviser to Obama who served as Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign manager in 1992 and is also a former DNC chairman. “It can have a very important effect on the outcome. A seamless level of coordination and collaboration between the national, state, and presidential campaign itself will mean the ground game can be effective and the 2 to 3 percentage points that can be the difference between winning and losing.”

Chicago is a great city with lots to do but not too much – it’s the right environment for Team Obama and the DNC.  Staffers will read the local newspapers instead of the Washington Post or New York Times.  They will listen to what everyday folks talk about in line at the grocery store and around town.  This will give staffers a better sense of what’s going on in America and how to best serve voters across the country.

D.C is way too jaded, excessive and superficial a place to run a serious election.





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