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June 3, 2008

Senator Barack Obama: Presumptive Nominee! Will I Cry?

  Tonight just might be the night Senator Barack Obama officially becomes the Presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party of the United States of America.  If all I have read today is correct and this happens, it will be a night to remember.  Will I cry?


This will be a monumental night of great proportions for America.  This will show that many of us have reached a point in our lives where we believe that we can get to the mountain top together.  TOGETHER.  We are so much stronger and better when we stand together.  Stronger because Barack did not just get black votes; he got white votes, Hispanic/Latino votes, Native American votes, Asian votes.  We did this TOGETHER.


Most of us will stand tall tonight.  Most of us will be proud, happy, joyous, and emotional all at the same time.  We will feel really, really, really good. 


During a speech in Atlanta in January 2008, Obama recalled the story of Joshua.  He said that the scripture tells us that when Joshua and the Israelites arrived at the gates of Jericho, they could not enter. The walls of the city were too steep for any one person to climb; too strong to be taken down with brute force. And so they sat for days, unable to pass on through.


He goes on to say that, God had a plan for His people. He told them to stand together and march together around the city, and on the seventh day He told them that when they heard the sound of the ram’s horn, they should speak with one voice. And at the chosen hour, when the horn sounded and a chorus of voices cried out together, the mighty walls of Jericho would come tumbling down, and it did. 


There are many lessons to take from this passage, just as there are many lessons to take from what tonight means. Tonight is not about the deplorable past.  Tonight is about a brilliant future.  Tonight is about newness and oneness and unity.  Unity is how we will overcome the republicans during the general elections on November 4.



Unity is how we will overcome the political, economical and social disasters of George W. Bush’s Presidency.  Barack Obama makes me believe that we can overcome.  I know that it will be hard and it might get worst before it gets better, but I know we can overcome.  Yes we will; yes we can!


If enough Americans are awakened to all the injustices in our country; if we join together, North and South, rich and poor, Christian, Jew and Muslim, then perhaps those walls of inequality will come tumbling down.  Not just equality for black people, but equality for women and the disabled and children and for all disadvantaged people in America.  If we stand together justice will flow like water and righteousness like a mighty stream when Obama is inaugurated in January 2009 and becomes President of the United States of America.


Senator Barack Obama will speak about things like this tonight and he will uplift us and make us damn proud to be Americans.  But I don’t have to speak for Senator Obama; he will do so for himself tonight in a most eloquent way.


And I will sit and listen to every single word and rejoice in them as if it was rain on the parched soil of a desert.


I will listen and I know I will cry.





P.S.  Congrats to The Obamas, to America and ALL Obama supporters! Obama for America 2008!!!





  1. Historic, historic win!

    Comment by Will Rhodes — June 3, 2008 @ 10:53 pm | Reply

  2. If you cried — I cried harder. Last night was such a momentous moment in history, not only for blacks but for this country. It shows that we really can come together and stand up and vote for what we believe in without fear of backlash from hatemongers. I echoe his wife Michelle’s sentiment, it’s truly the first time I’m proud to be an American. YES WE CAN!!! OBAMA ’08 – POTUS!

    Comment by Homesick — June 4, 2008 @ 8:36 am | Reply

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