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May 30, 2008

Rifle Crosshairs Pic: Roswell Beacon’s Publisher apologizes to Heather for Insensitive Picture!


Heather called the publisher of the Roswell Beacon to let him know just how offended she was by his newspaper’s cover, here is what happened:


    In fairness to the publisher, John Fredericks, he immediately issued a statement apologizing for any offence. He personally told me that “one of the most distressing things for him” is to be cast in the same mold as the white supremacists whose ideology he abhors. He is no bigot, no racist, and made a bad judgement call in selecting that inflammatory image for his cover, he just wanted to illustrate the severity of the the risk. Here in his own words, John Fredericks:

From the Publisher:
We have been publishing the Beacon for a little over 18 months. We believe most of the time we get it right. Regarding our May 15th cover, we got it wrong.
As publisher of the Beacon, I am ultimately responsible. I am accountable.

On behalf of the Beacon, I sincerely apologize for offending anyone or any group by our May 15th cover. We are very distressed at having upset anyone, and we can understand how by just looking at the cover without having access to read the related story it was meant to depict is clearly offensive.

The cover story for the May 15, 2008 issue of the Beacon featured an investigative report entitled White Supremacy Groups Threatened by Obama Candidacy. The report brought to our community’s attention the need for law enforcement to prepare for a possible Obama backlash by organized hate groups operating in our area.



An interactive poll at this link http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/northfulton/stories/2008/05/21/obama_0522.html indicates that over 80 percent of viewers found it offensive.  It’s the other twenty percent that worries me.  John Fredericks, the paper’s publisher, stands by his cover picture, claiming that he will not let his first amendment rights be violated.  Apparently, the story addressed Obama’s increased security risk as he travels around the country, and what was being done to protect him.  The photo clearly goes against the pale and does not so much illustrate their point, as it fuels a rabid thirst for some violence against Obama.  Such inflammatory imagery and references (ala Ms. Clinton and Mr. Huckabee), including the DailyKos’ portrayal of Michelle Obama being beaten like a slave, regardless of their purported intent , harm to the message.


Video: Father Michael Pfleger at Trinity Church

Below is a link to the video showing Father Michael Pfleger this past weekend at Trinity Church while Obama was in Puerto Rico.


I am sure that it is going to be difficult, but this is going to make it easier for Obama to distance himself from Trinity going forward.


I am beginning to get tired of ALL these “Fathers”, “Pastors” and “Ministers” in this campaign.  It seems to me that they are all looking for ‘book deals’.  I want to hear what the candidates have to say.  Hillary crying was in February.  It’s now May – almost June.  Let’s move forward people.  Enough of this foolishness.  This doesn’t help me to put $4.17 per gallon gas in my car!


These are not Obama’s word’s these are the words of a “Father” he knows.  It shouldn’t matter that Obama has known him for over 10 years.  I have known people all my life that I love but who would make me look like satan himself based on their lifestyles.  I may love them but I don’t believe what they believe. I should be judged based on the way I live my life not the way people I know choose to live theirs.


I’ve worked for people and therefore received money from people whose philosophies and behavior I do not believe in at all – 0%.  This is the world we live in.  No matter how we try, we cannot protect ourselves from people we associate with who act or think differently than we do.  Otherwise we would live in a bubble and our social education would be incomplete and inadequate.



May 29, 2008

NBA Playoffs: Go Lakers!!!

I love the SPURS but I want the Lakers to win!

  The time has finally arrived for NBA MVP Kobe Bryant to rid himself of the label that he can’t win without Shaquille O’Neal by his side.

Bryant has the Los Angeles Lakers on the brink of their first NBA Finals since 2004 when they were slaughtered in five games by the Detroit Pistons – that was Shaq’s final season in Tinsel Town.

For the past several years, especially this year, Kobe Bryant has worked REALLY hard to change his image in a sincere and genuine way. He has done a lot of public service work and a series of good deeds for others. As a player his 81 point game, leading the league in scoring and the Lakers making the playoffs has redeemed him to most fans.

More evidence of his maturation might be found in his decision to change his player number from 8 to 24. The number 8 is the symbol of eternity, the time most teens think they are invincible.  One day at a time, or 24 (Kobe’s current number) hours, is how we usually learn that life is lived when we mature. It’s possible that is the reason Kobe changed his number, though he has said he does not plan to reveal why he selected 24.  

Kobe Bryant really should have been the MVP this year.  Yup, Phil Jackson has made a huge difference and he should get “Coach of the year,” but Kobe Bryant has done everything that a coach and a fan could ask for!

Go Lakers!


May 26, 2008

Mars: What if Martians Landed On Earth?

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  Why are earthlings meddling with Mars?  Have Martians meddled with the earth? 

It was revealed to us that NASA’s Mars Phoenix Lander “Phoenix” has touched down safely on the Red Planet and the probe will sift through the icy soil for any signs that it once harbored life.

“We’ve passed the hardest part and we’re breathing again,” Mars Phoenix Project Manager Barry Goldstein said, according to NASA.  In the past, Mars’ rocky terrain have caused equipment problems which led to the failure of more than 50% of all missions to Mars.

Phoenix sent a signal confirming it landed safely in the northern polar region of Mars, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration said on its Web site. The message took 15 minutes to travel to Earth from Mars at the speed of light.

Phoenix is part of NASA’s present premise in the exploration of Mars: follow the water. Ice is plentiful beneath the red soil and NASA wants to know whether liquids also exist underground. “Where there tends to be water on Earth, there tends to be life,” said Lynn Craig of NASA, “So it’s potentially a place where life could have existed.”

After its landing, Phoenix relayed pictures from Mars showing a flat expanse of land, its horizon, and a foot of the craft on the soil and its solar panels extended so that it will be able to generate power, according to NASA.

Now that Phoenix has landed it must work quickly.  Martian winter begins in August, the sun will drop below the horizon, and a thick coat of ice and carbon dioxide will cover Phoenix’s solar panels, ending its life.

What I would like to know is why do earth’s scientists continue to believe that the substance that makes up life on earth is the same stuff that makes up life on Mars.

Suppose Martians live within the inner core of Mars and not on the surface where earthlings are searching?  Suppose Martians hibernate during its warm months and come out after August when everything is frozen over?  Suppose humans have different color receptors than Martians, just like dogs and cats have different color receptors than humans, therefore we can’t see Martians even though Martian-beings exist?

So earthling scientists continue to explore and explore Mars searching for a life-form we will never be able to see even if that life-form was standing right next to us.  Unless, of course, that life-form wants to be seen!

I haven’t had a premonition or anything; I’m just ‘talking out the box’.  LOL!

Interesting UFO sighting in the U.K.:





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