Let Us Talk

May 30, 2008


An interactive poll at this link http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/northfulton/stories/2008/05/21/obama_0522.html indicates that over 80 percent of viewers found it offensive.  It’s the other twenty percent that worries me.  John Fredericks, the paper’s publisher, stands by his cover picture, claiming that he will not let his first amendment rights be violated.  Apparently, the story addressed Obama’s increased security risk as he travels around the country, and what was being done to protect him.  The photo clearly goes against the pale and does not so much illustrate their point, as it fuels a rabid thirst for some violence against Obama.  Such inflammatory imagery and references (ala Ms. Clinton and Mr. Huckabee), including the DailyKos’ portrayal of Michelle Obama being beaten like a slave, regardless of their purported intent , harm to the message.

We as a country must realize that this is as much a desecration as a swastika on a synagogue.  As much a defilement as pork on a Rasta’s sandwich.  As much a desecration as a naked muslim woman in only her veil on the cover of Playboy magazine.  It is unacceptable, unnecessary, uncalled for and downright ugly. 

I can’t help but imagine that the 20 percent who didn’t find this offensive are busy cleaning their rifles and scope and getting their camouflage suits down from the attic.  Mr. Fredericks is inviting folks to call him at any time on his cell phone.  Let our voices be heard:  678-481-6251.




  1. And then there’s all the “damn-whitey” rhetoric coming out of the Obama camp. Let’s face it, the future of this country and possibly the world is looking pretty bleak unless we all start thinking about race in a vastly different manner.


    Comment by lojah — May 30, 2008 @ 2:26 pm | Reply

  2. I agree. This has been a SERIOUS wake up call. We have to start talking and putting this race divide behind us. That’s the only way America will grow. We all need each other to make this country bigger, better, stronger!!! And I want to live in a bigger, better, stronger America!

    Comment by Paulette — May 30, 2008 @ 3:02 pm | Reply

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